Equine Rider Training Program: "Comprehensive Video Lessons"

In a period where large group events are Science Of Motion with their "Comprehensive Video Lesson" program with Jean Luc Cornille.

Equine Rider Training Program: "Comprehensive Video Lessons"
Eatonton, GA, April 04, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Jean Luc graduated from the French equestrian training school Le Cadre Noir de Saumur and had the opportunity to train with riders including Joseph Neckerman and Willy Schulteis in dressage, Hans Winkler in jumping and Michel Cochenet in three-day evening. Margit Otto Crepin, French Olympic competitor, is one of his dressage students.

Jean Luc specializes in establishing better performances, on the flat and over fences, resolving idiopathic lameness, educating how to avoid rider-induced lameness, improving the quality of the horse’s daily life, and educating on specific syndromes like navicular, club foot, kissing spine and muscle imbalances.

Send Science Of Motion, either through Vimeo, YouTube, or DVD, a training session riding or lunging your horse. Within 24 hours, after payment, you receive an analysis of the horse gaits and performance, kinematics abnormality (ies) altering the execution of movements and suggestions allowing to correct the difficulty. The recommendations can be about riding and the training technique.

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