Protecting Sensitive Data While Working Remotely During the Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic with Somansa DLP

Somansa DLP helps companies prevent sensitive data leakage on endpoints, laptops, devices and meet data privacy laws.

San Jose, CA, April 27, 2020 --( Somansa, a global leader in data loss prevention, provides data security solutions for remote and home users to protect sensitive data leakage and help meet data privacy law requirements.

As the coronavirus pandemic crisis continues to proliferate throughout the world, many employees are mandated to work remotely or from home to control the spread of COVID-19. Companies have the challenges of managing and securing endpoints and sensitive data including meeting data privacy and compliance requirements with endpoint security products as more employees are working outside of the normal network perimeter.

“In addition to securing employee’s endpoints with Internet and data security solutions, it is important that companies prepare the proper guidelines and policies for protecting sensitive data from leakage. For example, companies should establish polices for which employees can access what types of information and then, educate employees on data security and privacy policies such as using only approved company email and file sharing, cloud services,” says Richard Kim, CEO of Somansa.

DLP Best Practices for Remote / Home Users

1. Define and Categorize Sensitive Data
For example, Intellectual Property, Financial Information, Employee Information, Customer Information, Data Privacy/Compliance

Somansa Discover: Remotely Scan and Locate the sensitive data with option to delete or encrypt.

2. Define Policies and Prevent Unauthorized Access
- What data is being used?
- Where’s the data located?
- How’s the data being used?
- Who’s using the data?

Somansa DLP: Prevent sensitive data in motion Emails, Cloud Services including Office 365 and Google G Suite and at rest, Removable Storage, Printing, Applications based on content, context aware policies.

3. Education and Enforcement
- Educate employees working from home about the company’s data security policies and how to use the data security solutions.
- Explain why it’s important to follow policies to protect sensitive company data and customer information.

About Somansa
Founded in 1997 with its American headquarters in San Jose, California, Somansa is a global leader in Data Loss Prevention security to protect sensitive data and help meet regulatory compliance requirements. Somansa provides its worldwide customers in Fortune 500 companies to Small and Medium sized businesses in Financial, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telecom/Media, and Government with a total DLP solution to Monitor, Prevent, and Discover sensitive data in motion (Network DLP) Emails, Cloud Services, Social Media and at rest (Endpoint DLP), USB’s, and Printing.

Somansa was recognized by Gartner in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention report as well as in SC Magazine’s Product Review for Endpoint DLP.
Sky Kim