eMudhra Helps Sorvive Technologies to Seamlessly Issue 5000+ Digitally Signed Invoices

eMudhra Helps Sorvive Technologies to Seamlessly Issue 5000+ Digitally Signed Invoices
Somerset, NJ, May 27, 2020 --(PR.com)-- eMudhra, a global digital enabler and a premier provider of AI-based Analytics and Cybersecurity solutions for education, banking, insurance, and manufacturing sectors in the Americas, announced that they have successfully assisted Sorvive Technologies, a Florida-based IT company, to completely eliminate paper trail in one of their most paper intensive process in less than three weeks.

Sorvive Technologies used emSigner, eMudhra’s flagship Digital Signature Platform and Paperless office solution, to seamlessly digitize the signing and issuance of invoices. Leveraging emSigner’s signer gateway, the company was able to sign and issue 5000+ e-invoices to their global customers in India using Digital Certificates, while meeting global and local regulatory compliance requirements.

“We fully support Sorvive Technologies ambition of achieving ‘Complete Digital Transformation,’ and take pride in eliminating the last mile paper in all the underlying processes. Towards this end, we have completed cloud based deployment of emSigner as per the preference of customer and successfully integrated it with the client’s existing ERP application for seamless operations,” says Amit Panchal, SVP and Region Head – Americas, eMudhra.

“We selected eMudhra based on their extensive expertise and quality products. The deployment experience solidified our decision in that we were able to quickly adapt our PDF based process to directly integrate with the emSigner application. Their application works even better than advertised and performs very well in a high transaction environment. Their exemplary staff made our deployment an experience that exceeded our expectations. eMudhra’s quality products and excellent staff are to be commended and I fully endorse them,” says Larry Galaviz, CEO, Sorvive Technologies.

About eMudhra:
eMudhra is focused on secure digital transformation, enabling organizations to progress and evolve without sacrificing the thing that matters most in the society, trust. eMudhra has an end-to-end stack around trust services and related applications ranging from trust certificates to core Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and encryption applications. Some of the areas of focus are around paperless transformation, identity management, AI-driven digital initiatives and building digital trust ecosystems at all levels.

eMudhra chairs the Asia PKI Consortium, is a board member of the Cloud Signature Consortium and a member of the CA Browser Forum. Having been in business for over 12 years and built a reach that spans more than 50 countries, eMudhra is deeply committed to bringing change and helping societies across not just go digital but go digital in a secure way.

Visit the www.emudhra.com for more information.

About Sorvive Technologies, Inc.:
Sorvive Technologies is a Florida-based company that specializes in enabling companies to exchange and integrate business documents electronically in a cost-effective manner. Sorvive Technologies continue to validate their original charter by implementing solutions that reduce B2B, B2G, and B2C costs so dramatically that any business can afford to participate.

Over the years, the company has invested in supporting emerging technologies and evolving standards.

Visit www.sorviveinfo.com for more information.
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