Metro Safety’s First Aid Courses Help Save Lives During COVID-19 Outbreak as Healthcare Workers Are Pressed for Time & Resources

Canadian first aid educator becomes a vital resource during COVID medical crisis.

Metro Safety’s First Aid Courses Help Save Lives During COVID-19 Outbreak as Healthcare Workers Are Pressed for Time & Resources
Coquitlam, Canada, May 30, 2020 --( With COVID-19 infections leaving doctors unable to figure out foolproof ways to treat symptoms, Metro Safety Training’s first aid course becomes an essential commodity. Educating people on medical aid protocols and CPR is the need of the hour, which is the task that Metro Safety has taken up by continuing their classes while adding safety measures.

Extreme cases of COVID and other serious illnesses need to be attended to first by doctors and emergency responders, which is why medical services are suffering from delays in treating non-urgent issues. Moreover, people are refusing to go into hospitals or clinics in the first place, which exacerbates the issue and causes further damage.

With proper first aid knowledge, people can assess their own or their family members' injuries or illnesses and make prompt decisions about the best thing to do. Many people tend to rush to an ER, even when there's no need, but a trained first aid administrator can assess whether a simple visit to the GP can suffice.

Metro Safety Training offers two first aid courses, one that teaches standard care and a second that focuses on emergency first aid. They also have a starter CPR C-Level course, as well as recertification training. They cater to first aid at the workplace, specifically as well, with three levels of occupational first aid and safety training courses.

One of their representatives said, "By adding safety measures, such as proper sanitization, mandatory masks and proper distancing, we’re trying to remain functional so that we can give people the knowledge they need. This crisis has shown us how essential basic medical knowledge is for everyone. Our partnership with the Red Cross has given us extra insight into how we can contain the transmission, and we're now applying that knowledge to the way we run our daily operations."

Metro Safety Training will continue to monitor the situation as it changes in Canada and British Columbia to update its policies based on the most recent developments in the COVID-19 pandemic.

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