HealCo Announces the Nation’s Very First Health System Without Walls

HealCo is a matchmaking platform where you can find, lease, share, manage and optimize medical office space - and now the only official tele-hybrid medical office network.

HealCo Announces the Nation’s Very First Health System Without Walls
Jersey City, NJ, June 23, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Telehealth has cemented itself in the "new normal" of healthcare, and traditional medical offices have no choice but to adapt. In response, HealCo has launched its Health System Without Walls (HSWOW) initiative, a tele-hybrid medical office network.

Regulatory changes in March and April accelerated healthcare’s embrace of telemedicine - solving a lot of problems, but not completely eliminating the need for physical space. HSWOW hosts a licensed provider who supervises all staff and processes - including ancillaries like imaging, blood draws, and vitals - via video call, while the patient visits a physical, tele-enhanced medical space.

Here’s how HealCo works with partners to create hybrid offices:

- Small offices with keyless entry and minimal seating keep brick-and-mortar locations lean and contactless - say goodbye to waiting rooms!

- Basic imaging, lab work, and pharmacy included onsite

- Exam rooms equipped with telemedicine consult areas, where physicians lead patients through virtual exam

- Clinical assistants and other healthcare professionals physically operate the brick-and-mortar location, practicing at the "top of license"

- Specialist providers remotely supervise the entire operation - providing expert guidance and intervention when necessary

- Specialist providers virtually lease space as HealCo tenants, or "v-tenants"

- Each specialist provider’s payment to a landlord or "v-landlord" based on the amount of time the patient spends on the premises, determined by keyless entry

As America recovers from COVID-19, hybrid models like HSWOW guarantee continued social distancing adherence and alleviate anxiety and risk for patients who still want to be treated in a doctor’s office.

"HealCo's Health System Without Walls bands independent providers together to share resources, like space, and solve physician shortage issues across the country - ultimately bringing down the total cost of healthcare,” says HealCo Founder and CEO, Kirat Kharode.

Before disrupting the entire medical real estate market, Kharode created HealCo to streamline the medical office leasing process. A former senior hospital system executive and lawyer by trade, Kharode imagined a flexible solution where providers expand their practices by subleasing new office space part-time, while medical office and surgery centers owners optimize their underutilized space. The big picture goal: Get doctors to communities where they’re most desperately needed.

“We’re empowering specialists to easily scale up their practice while helping host practices cover their overhead expenses. Above all, this hybrid office network allows patients to receive care outside of obnoxiously overpriced hospital systems, and closer to their homes.”

HealCo has also enrolled the help of New Jersey-based Chief Medical Officer, Amer Syed, MD. "I’m excited to join an organization that is revolutionizing healthcare delivery and putting patients and providers first. The healthcare disparities we see in New Jersey, like many areas around the country, have been a byproduct of greed-mongering strategies by local hospital systems that have prioritized profit margins over patients," says Syed, as newly appointed Chairman of HealCo's New Jersey HSWOW Board.

Syed has 15 years experience as an Internal Medicine Physician and Graduate Medical Education (GME) leader in Jersey City. “HSWOW promotes fair compensation for physicians, coordinates care outside of hospitals, and drives down down costs for the entire system - ultimately bringing healthcare into communities where it is needed most. For the first time in modern healthcare history, providers are empowered to seek true independence outside of hospital conglomerates. In the interest of themselves, their families, and their communities, patients should urge providers to join HealCo's HSWOW.”

If you’re interested in HealCo’s Health System Without Walls, visit HealCo or get in touch at sneha@healco.us.
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