Metro Safety’s Has Helped Save Numerous Lives Within Canada’s Workforce Through Its Occupational First Aid Course

The company ensures organizations have a well-informed workforce with their first aid courses.

Metro Safety’s Has Helped Save Numerous Lives Within Canada’s Workforce Through Its Occupational First Aid Course
Coquitlam, Canada, July 03, 2020 --( Employees spend a major part of their life at work. This is also why many of them get injured on the job. While most organizations don’t have medical professionals onboard, providing employees with first aid training ensures that injured individuals can be tended to immediately, instead of waiting for professional help to arrive. Metro Safety is one such company that is playing a key role in making workplaces safer through its first aid training courses.

Metro Safety has been providing a range of trainings and certifications in Coquitlam for over 12 years, creating awareness about common injuries and medical complications that people can face in their day to day lives.

With their occupational first aid course they train participants on how to stay calm and provide life-saving help to the injured.

Occupational first aid courses not only save lives, but also save organizations a lot of money which would otherwise be spent for medical purposes. These first aid certifications provide individuals the necessary knowledge and skill to take control of situations and prevent them from worsening.

The company offers three levels of occupational training. The first level caters to common medical emergencies. Participants are taught the appropriate steps to minimize risk to the patient. Participants are also made aware of potential emergency situations. The second level of this course is more full-on, it requires assignments to be handed in as well. A candidate who has successfully passed this level will be able to perform first aid techniques like catering to unresponsive patients, wound care, RSI injuries, burn management, airway management, the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and much more. The third level is more advanced and includes techniques like hard collar application, spinal care, shock management, lower limb dislocations, etc.

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, Metro Safety continues to train people while practicing all safety protocols and abiding by regulatory measures. They continually assess and prevent the spread of the virus in whatever way they can. Their stringent guidelines and procedures allow them to monitor the health concerns of their immediate work environment as well as the local community. Their website is regularly updated with COVID-19 related news.

About Metro Safety
Metro Safety is a Coquitlam-based first aid and workplace safety training provider. The Canadian first aid and safety training school has provided professional first aid and workplace training for 12 years, and maintains a growing clientele. Metro Safety offers courses in Burnaby, Coquitlam, Vancouver, Surrey, and Richmond.

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