How Silver Fox Garage Door Repair is Following All Preventive Measures When Providing Their Services

Silver Fox Garage Door Repair in Las Vegas has been there for their clients in the most professional ways for years. During COVID-19, they are retaining their clients and welcoming newer ones meeting all safety measures.

How Silver Fox Garage Door Repair is Following All Preventive Measures When Providing Their Services
Las Vegas, NV, July 08, 2020 --( Amid the global pandemic, the world's workforce has been jeopardized. Due to this, one might be skeptical about getting garage door repairs in Las Vegas. However, the actions of a company determine its business flow and how they plan to proceed to fight this pandemic. Silver Fox is open for business and all the necessary precautions are being taken to maintain customer safety. The company is abiding by all the policies and preventive measures suggested by the World Health Organisation to ensure everyone's safety.

The following is a list of some of Silver Fox's contributions towards stopping the spread while providing state-of-the-art garage door repair service:

All of the main showrooms have been closed.

Payments are taken digitally, that is either via mobile or email.

For all delivery of parts, Silver Fox is opting for no contact.

The same goes for all sales calls.

In case the company is performing any repair, the customer is always advised to keep their distance from the on-site repair.

After completion of the maintenance, repair or installation, the entire place is properly sanitized by professional technicians.

Customers are also advised to properly sanitized their garage before the arrival of the experts for their safety.

Lastly, all of the employees exercise social distancing in their homes and work. The company always makes sure to follow the government and company guidelines, as strictly as possible.

Silver Fox is pleased to announce its COVID-19 offers where the customer can get a discount of 20% with all of the services. Silver Fox encourage all of their customers to keep their garage up and running while properly maintaining them. For any further queries, customers can contact Silver Fox Garage Repair and get a free quote on any of their services.
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