Regulating the Moving Target of Insurtech Through One of the Worst Credit Crises in Modern Times

Leading software specialist ELEKS invites insurance industry experts to air their views at July’s Insurance TechTalk.

Regulating the Moving Target of Insurtech Through One of the Worst Credit Crises in Modern Times
Chicago, IL, July 08, 2020 --( COVID-19 has sparked the worst credit crisis since The Great Depression, with economies worldwide shrinking in response to the drastic measures imposed to curb the spread. Businesses have been forced to close and entire sectors have been brought to their knees almost overnight. So how will insurers respond to the tsunami of enquiries and claims from the hundreds of thousands of companies now struggling to make ends meet?

On Thursday 16th July, software giant ELEKS will host the next instalment of its online Insurance TechTalk series – Regulating Innovation: The Moving Target of Insurtech – featuring an hour-long remote panel discussion with some of the world’s leading insurance experts. Speakers will share insights on how technology could help the sector evolve amid the unfolding financial crisis, and pave the way for disruptors to redefine the insurance industry.

Eric Nordman of NAIC; Les Williams from Risk Cooperative; Luftronix CEO Klaus Sonnenleiter; Anouar Ouali Alami, founder and CEO of Anfa Square; and Clive Thompson from insurtech brokerage firm Trov Insurance will each give their view on the far-reaching implications of COVID-19, delving into topics including:

● how insurance regulation might have to adapt to a post-pandemic world

● how AI technologies could reshape the insurance market

● the implications of emerging tech on insurance monitoring and regulation

● the increasing importance of transparency for consumers

● how technology is changing consumer behaviour

While there’s no way of knowing just how different the world will be once the dust settles, one thing which has become abundantly apparent is that businesses must be agile to change if they are to survive this – and the next – global crisis.

Register now to see what the future holds for insurance and how digital innovation could put your business ahead of the curve.


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