Online Address Book Software Exadime Integrates Social Media Sign Up

Renowned online contact management software, Exadime now supports social media sign-ups. You may sign up on Exadime using your social media accounts and explore a variety of interesting features this platform has to offer. Sign up today to grab a free account.

Online Address Book Software Exadime Integrates Social Media Sign Up
Piscataway, NJ, August 24, 2020 --( Popular contact management software Exadime recently integrated social media sign up features into their platform. With this, the new users would be able to sign up for the platform using their social media handles. They won’t be required to sign up using an email address alone, as was the case earlier. As of now, users can sign up on the platform using their Facebook, Google, LinkedIn as well as Microsoft Work account. The conventional custom email sign up has not been removed totally though.

The move is quite strategic and is expected to increase the rate of sign ups on the platform, given the fact that it is easier to register with a click than entering the email address manually. Users love working on interfaces that are easy to browse through and get familiar with. This has been a primary reason behind this move. With a large chunk of people already having functional social media accounts, they would find it familiar and sign up with an enhanced trust factor.

The address book software from Exadime helps to manage contacts in a modern way. The online address book has been enjoying a lot of positive reviews and feedback since its launch. The product boasts of features such as Avery address labels, multiple address books, groups and sub-groups, contacts in CSV, contact history, contact mapping and sharing as well as trash collection. Users can maintain one free address book or create multiple address books as they please, map contacts using groups and sub-groups, import or export contacts as a CSV file, use address labels, have a history of their activity on the platform, and retrieve any contacts deleted by accident. The software is not too expensive. Citing the flexible pricing model, a business in a decent standing can easily find a plan that meets their business needs exclusively. The platform has free and paid pans. Free version has limited feature offerings though perfect for beginners.

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Exadime LLC is a USA based IT company. The online contact management system was released in 2019 and has quickly established its ground in the market. This product was aimed exclusively for small business owners, sales and marketing teams across the globe struggling to find a feature-rich yet affordable solution for effective management of business contacts. For more information, please visit
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Exadime - Contact Management Software

Exadime - Contact Management Software

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