PPE: COVID-Related Profits Contributed to Non-profits

The newly launched Battle COVID Movement (www.BattleCovid.org) is a unique social enterprise selling PPE and UVC sterilization and disinfection equipment and distributing 100% of net profits to charities supporting vulnerable populations.

Naperville, IL, August 19, 2020 --(PR.com)-- While many groups offer PPE, the Battle COVID Movement (www.BattleCovid.org) does so with a huge difference: 100% of net profits are contributed to charities that support vulnerable populations.

Just launched on August 10, BCM provides a unique online marketplace where both individuals and large groups such as hospitals can buy masks, face shields, coveralls, gowns, infrared thermometers and many more items. Chief among these is UVC sterilization and disinfection equipment (https://battlecovid.org/special-products/) that kills viruses instantly and empowers businesses to re-open and stay open, helping to keep their staff employed.

According to BCM’s CEO, Nicholas Greene, “We are proud to launch the Battle COVID Movement as the movement for social impact to overcome this pandemic. Our social enterprise aims to reconnect our communities and keep them safe. We reach out to non-profits and the communities themselves to get them the protection they need.”

Non-profit organizations can submit requests (https://battlecovid.org/non-profits/) for equipment, finance, essential supplies etc. to accomplish missions during the pandemic. Donors are encouraged to support the Battle COVID cause (https://battlecovid.org/donations/prevent-virus-spreading/) and can get a tax deduction through BCM’s fiscal agent, the Auerbach Global Impact Foundation (www.theAGIF.org). All donations will go towards fulfilling ground-level support so that non-profits can do their work.

The AGIF is also one of the proud recipients of BCM donations. As a non-profit for non-profits, AGIF provides solutions for COVID-related groups to succeed. Among these is a year-long social media campaign plus many courses on fundraising, improving operations, and marketing.

The BCM site also provides information about Coronavirus, its symptoms, ways of spreading, and prevention and protection measures.
Battle Covid Movement
Pradeep Kandimalla
Spencer Goold, AGIF Exec Director: spencer@theAGIF.org Tel. 415-745-7210 x 305