Bixahuman Pharmaceuticals Increases Awareness of Ancient Herbs Popularly Used in Indigenous Cultures

The U.S.-based company draws on healing practices of ancient cultures to combine an array of herbs, spices, fruits, and natural ingredients.

Bixahuman Pharmaceuticals Increases Awareness of Ancient Herbs Popularly Used in Indigenous Cultures
Piscataway, NJ, September 24, 2020 --( In a world where it’s difficult to come across foods that are unfazed by chemical or synthetic alteration, one company is using the purest herbs and natural ingredients to create supplements.

Bixahuman is a company dedicated to bringing ancient and indigenous practices of medicine and healing to the mainstream, having spent several years developing a range of herbal supplements that contain some of the most powerful natural ingredients from across the globe.

Drawing on personal experience, knowledge and ancient wisdom, the team comprises of a historian, biologist, pharmacist and various other professionals from different disciplines. Each member offers unique insights and expertise into the process, allowing them to focus on providing a holistic experience to their clients.

With the primary ingredient across most supplements being Annatto, also known as Bixa Orllena, the company derives its name from this herb. Known for its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, this herb is native to Central and South America as well as parts of South Asia.

The company is working to formulate supplements that offer a range of benefits, including revitalization, improved health and wellness outcomes, and much more, ensuring that they’re completely safe and without side-effects.

It’s an incredible feat in trying to bring together the traditional and the contemporary, the natural and the man-made through this line of herbal supplements.

Sharing their overall motivation for doing so, a senior representative of the company said, “Many of us share a deep connection with these indigenous cultures, coming from communities where many of these practices are commonplace. We’re drawing on the healing properties of many of these herbs and spices, using incredibly well-known, powerful ingredients such as turmeric, Annatto, ginseng, and many others in our products. Each supplement has a unique blend of ingredients combined to make a powerful formula.”

They have a range that includes nine products, including Biobija Complex, Men T3, Women T3, Pervartis T3, and others, with each of them offering a specific blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs and certain key ingredients. The company hopes to expand its clientele, offering deliveries across the U.S.

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As one of the primary suppliers of herbal supplements, Bixahuman Pharmaceuticals offers a wide array of formulas to choose from. Using ancient herbal remedies and blends, the company draws in Mayan, Incan and other indigenous cultures.

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