Metamorphosis Partners & Great Pet Care Launch New Destination for Pet Product Reviews

Dedicated site section offers honest and impartial recommendations from vets, trainers and experts on everything from food and treats to toys and gear.

Metamorphosis Partners & Great Pet Care Launch New Destination for Pet Product Reviews
San Diego, CA, September 10, 2020 --( Today, Metamorphosis Partners LLC, the leading full-service pet marketing agency and pet media publisher, launched a brand new Pet Product Reviews section within Great Pet Care, Metamorphosis’ flagship pet health site.

This dedicated destination provides pet parents with comprehensive recommendations of expert-reviewed products. Great Pet Care’s experts will help pet parents sift through the confusing world of food, treats, toys, gear, beds, cleaning products and more to find the items that fit their pets’ unique needs and lifestyles.

“Our dogs and cats bring so much joy, wonder, and happiness into our lives,” said Wendy Toth, VP Content for Metamorphosis Partners. “Giving back to them and finding ways to enrich the bond between people and their pets is a core part of our mission. This launch is our opportunity to help pet parents cut through the clutter to find products they can count on.”

Criteria such as pet’s enjoyment, durability, safety, ease-of-use, and effectiveness are among some of the many points of comparison used by the team of insiders to assess, compare, and recommend products across a wide array of categories. Examples include Best Orthopedic Dog Beds for Senior Pets and The Best Cat Food of 2020. Product reviews and recommendations are written by trusted pet-industry professionals including dog trainers, veterinarians, certified behaviorists, and professional pet journalists who have experience digging up the latest pet trends.

“The knowledge that our pet expert contributors have is unrivaled in the industry,” said Deidre Grieves, Editorial Director for Great Pet Care. “They’ve spent their careers finding, discovering, and testing truly unique and innovative pet products that span a variety of price points and needs. We couldn’t be more excited to pass their expertise on to a wider audience.”

The launch of the Pet Product Reviews section directly supports the continued trend among pet parents to cultivate as much knowledge as possible about the health, happiness, and well-being of their pets. Pet adoptions skyrocketed in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic driving many new pet parents to search for the best products for their four-legged family members, and using high-trust online resources for guidance.

Without the ability to physically examine products or speak with in-store staff at their favorite pet stores, new and long-time pet parents can turn to Great Pet Care’s Product Review section to easily identify which products make the cut without leaving the safety of their homes.

“With more time at home, we’ve all come to appreciate the ways that pets make our lives better,” adds Toth. “They offer stress relief, entertain our kids, force us to get off the couch and exercise, and make us laugh uncontrollably. It only seems fair that we return the favor by giving them the best of the best in return.”

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