Dr. Michael Epitropoulos' Position of Chief Scientific Officer at HAPInss Brands LLC

In the newly formed position of Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Epitropoulos will lead evidenced-based research efforts across the entire HAPInss Brands portfolio of products.

Dr. Michael Epitropoulos' Position of Chief Scientific Officer at HAPInss Brands LLC
Greenwood, IN, September 23, 2020 --(PR.com)-- HAPInss Brands (the “Company”) today announced the addition of Dr. Michael Epitropoulos as the Company’s new Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Epitropoulos brings over 35 years of medical affairs, communications, and research experience in nutrition, healthcare, and the consumer goods industries.

Dr. Epitropoulos holds a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree as well as a Doctorate of Applied Clinical Nutrition degree. His training is extensive including medicine as well as specialized training in Applied Kinesiology, Contact Reflex Analysis, and Energy Medicine. He has been a contributing writer to 2 books as well as several natural health publications and taught clinical nutrition at colleges in North Carolina, Michigan and Florida. He speaks all over the country and is a featured speaker at Chiropractic Conventions teaching Doctors how to incorporate Natural Medicine in their practices. He has hosted popular radio shows on natural healing in both Florida and Michigan. He has been practicing Chiropractic and Functional Medicine for well over 35 years and currently is in private practice in Ormond Beach Florida where people come to him from all over the U.S. because of his work in Natural Medicine.

Dr. Epitropoulos also brings his “Nucleotide Science Technology” and formulations now exclusive to HAPInss Brands. He has done over 17 years of extensive research in the area of Nucleotide Science and continues to do clinical studies with Nucleotide Supplementation in his office.

Dr. Epitropoulos position at HAPInss Brands will allow him to expand and contribute to consumer understanding of gut-brain health, how nucleotide science works, and the many benefits CBD may provide. He will help lead it’s newly formed Scientific Advisory Board with an existing team of experts that includes other doctors, specialists, nutritionists, product formulators, and manufacturing experts who together have helped develop a number of health and wellness products in the US and abroad.

“Dr. Epitropoulos has a long history of helping consumer product companies share a clear, and scientifically backed, narrative around product benefits. Gut-Health and CBD are performance categories, and the most successful brands will be those that understand and are able to clearly communicate why their products work. There are few researchers of Dr. Epitropoulos’ caliber in the gut-health and CBD industries today, and we believe he will play an invaluable role not only for HAPInss Brands, but as a thought leader within the industry,” stated Robert Oblon, Founder and CEO.

“I have been intrigued by gut-health for years and saw a huge opportunity to apply my scientific and consumer products background for HAPInss Brands to help validate and articulate how their products may help people live better lives,” stated Epitropoulos. “I also believe scientifically-based education is vital to the future of the industry, and HAPInss Brands has focused their business processes in a way that ensures science is at the center of their product development DNA.”

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