Ravenstone Solutions Helps Retailers Enhance Customer Service with NetSuite CRM+

The NetSuite customer relationship management feature gives firms a 360-degree view of customer engagement activities.

Ravenstone Solutions Helps Retailers Enhance Customer Service with NetSuite CRM+
Oakville, Canada, October 01, 2020 --(PR.com)-- In today’s increasingly competitive business landscape, customer relationship management (CRM) has become a necessity for all firms, regardless of their size. According to CRM Magazine, 91 percent of businesses with ten or more employees now use CRM software.

As a leading NetSuite implementation partner in the United States, Ravenstone Solutions has helped countless businesses improve customer support and customer service with NetSuite CRM+.

Speaking about its advanced capabilities, a Ravenstone Solutions representative said, “NetSuite’s CRM software is a powerful cloud solution that allows firms to get a real-time, 360-degree view of customer interactions.

“The seamless flow of information across each stage of the customer lifecycle allows users to deliver the best possible customer service. Everything from the initial sales opportunity and order placement to eventual delivery and customer support is unified.

“Real-time information also brings up opportunities for order renewal, upselling, and cross-selling, allowing your business to improve its bottom line along the way.”

NetSuite is designed for mid-sized firms in the growth stage as well as for large organizations with multiple business units. As a scalable solution, mid-sized firms can make use of its powerful customization capabilities to ensure that their evolving needs are met. As firms grow, they can employ their integrated e-commerce capabilities, reliable accounting system, and automation power.

With routine business processes automated and streamlined knowledge management, companies can focus on delivering high-quality customer service and dedicated solutions to their clients. Successful implementation of NetSuite and its advanced features can help firms make the most of their ERP investment.

Discussing NetSuite implementation, a company representative stated, “Successful implementation is the key to ensuring that your business can benefit from NetSuite CRM software. That’s why we work closely with clients at each stage to ensure the system is operational, meets your specific needs, and can be used by all your employees.”

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As a leading Netsuite Implementation partner, Ravenstone Solutions offers first-class, custom-made NetSuite ERP solutions to a variety of businesses, ranging from wholesale distributors and retailers to IT consultation companies, financial businesses, and non-profits.

The Ravenstone team offers various services at all stages of implementation, including optimization, licensing, integration, training, support, and migration.

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