IME360 by prIME Assessments Addresses the Contentious Medico-Legal Assessments and Reporting System of Accident Injuries

Years in development and leveraging technology, IME360 is an alternative to the present burdensome and adversarial process.

IME360 by prIME Assessments Addresses the Contentious Medico-Legal Assessments and Reporting System of Accident Injuries
Montreal, Canada, September 29, 2020 --( prIME Assessments has released IME360 to ameliorate the controversial present day mechanism that insurance companies use to assess health claims after accident injury by hiring an expert physician to assess the victim and formulate a report; the Independent Medical Evaluation (IME).

In the present day scenario, this involves reviewing the medical chart, taking a history and physical examination by the reporting physician. This can be a cumbersome process and the quality of the reports is often in question. Medical charts are poorly organized and oversized, making extracting information challenging. Without the right information the examiner can not do a proper analysis based on critical thinking and subsequently formulates a report more based on opinion.

With IME360, using algorithms, indexing and metadata, relying on technology and human expertise, the unstructured information in the medical chart is converted to more structured data. Furthermore, thorough analysis of the newly available information often can lead to resolution of the contested insurance claim without relying on the formal costly and time consuming IME.

Dr. J. LeMoine, an orthopaedic surgeon who has completed many IMEs in the past is now one of the principal designers of the new approach. “As a surgeon, I have always felt, with any process, we should always strive to improve. We have taken this same approach to retooling the present day system to the advantage of both the insurer and the claimant, by facilitating a quicker and more reasoned resolution of the claim.” He went on to talk about the timing of the release. “In the present climate of a global pandemic, an alternative mechanism that can often bypass the present system requiring a physical encounter is particularly appealing, hence we have pushed hard in the last few months to make IME360 available.”

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prIME Assessments, established in Canada in 2016, is focused on leveraging technology to bring structure to the medical chart. By sequential algorithms prIME Assessment has developed methods to improve accessing data in the medical chart, which consists of records from multiple sources, inconsistent formatting, a collection of text, forms and handwritten entries, variable coding systems and lack of structured metadata. These improvements of the data permits deeper analysis of individual and groups of charts using new technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence in the fields of chart reviews for medico-legal, public health and research applications.
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