Soccer Economics Predicts Euro Cup 2021 Qualifiers

Soccer Economics Predicts Euro Cup 2021 Qualifiers
Toronto, Canada, October 01, 2020 --( If we all think alike, then no one is thinking. Soccer Economics could not agree more. And they did something about it.

Soccer Economics' proprietary system identifies winner of international soccer games with a 75% accuracy rate to date. It’s only by combining multiple screening filters with specific weightings that Soccer Economics is able to accomplish its high predictive success rate.

“At the end of the day, we looked at screening filters that very few individuals thought of to help us predict soccer game winners during international tournaments. What we’ve noticed are some unforeseen patterns that emerge by inputting 'outside of the box' variables in our predictive model. It’s fair to say that these variables are rarely considered, much less studied for identifying trends and correlation patterns. Take COVID-19 for example – who would have predicted (or even considered) that a global pandemic would prove beneficial to the ozone layer, much less the “tight” relationship between these two variables? The cause and effect is clear to see and causation is established – confinement means there are fewer cars on the road and nature is able to 'heal' itself at a rapid rate. And that’s the kind of correlations and causation we look at – we venture into the unknown until an explainable pattern emerges,” said Alexis Klein, Co-founder of Soccer Economics.

Soccer Economics is all about transparency and shares the model’s success rate and predictions with the general public at all times. This is done by announcing predictions via social media and official press releases ahead of the games for all to see.

Soccer Economics is happy to share the following predictions for up-and-coming Euro Cup qualifying games in October:

Hungary to win

Scotland to win

Slovakia to win

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