Hair Extensions of Houston Offers a Range of Care Products for Hair Extensions in Houston, TX

Run by Brenda McLeod, this hair salon offers a wide range of hair care products along with premium salon services in Houston.

Hair Extensions of Houston Offers a Range of Care Products for Hair Extensions in Houston, TX
Houston, TX, October 07, 2020 --( Hair Extensions of Houston is a full-service hair salon that’s run and supervised by Brenda McLeod, a licensed cosmetologist with more than 30 years of hands-on training and experience. Brenda specializes in hair extensions, following the hair loc system, while also concentrating on color matching. Along with this and other salon services, her salon boasts of a botanical hair care line.

Their product range includes Kevin Murphy products that focus on caring for hair in the same way as one would care for their skin. Free of harmful sulfates and silicones, these products are made using botanical ingredients that offer nourishment to hair and scalp.

The Repair Me line trio is a best-selling product that repairs damaged hair with proteins and superfoods that mend hair shafts from within. Apart from this, the Hydrate Me Wash and Hydrate Me Rinse is a combo that offers a full hair care package. By delivering moisture to dry hair and boosting collagen reserves, this duo improves hair elasticity and prevents breakage.

The salon also offers organic oil treatments by Loma that are enriched with vitamins and offer heat protection to hair. Clients can also find the all-in-one primer, 12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment that offers shine and softness to rough, textured hair. The salon has diversified and tailored their services to be inclusive of all hair types. This is why individuals with kinky curls or textured hair can benefit from their Diane Large Fluff Comb that eases the detangling process with the widely-spaced teeth and maintains curl definition. The HEH brush is also a hair care essential that’s best for maintaining hair quality. The bristles are firm and long and reach into the roots without splitting or breaking hair strands.

A spokesperson from the company said, “Our salon, unlike other salons, doesn’t focus solely on grooming the client’s hair with all kinds of damaging tools and milk them for what our service is worth. Commercializing our service at the expense of hair health is against our ideology. We aim to offer a one-stop solution that includes everything from hair care products to solutions for thinning hair. Our products are safe and organic. Our clients receive a care card that explains how to maintain their hair after each service.”

Hair Extensions of Houston offers hair extensions made from premium Russian hair to make sure the final look is seamlessly blended and natural. The leading cosmetologist has received certification in all major loc extension systems, including hair locs, Eurolocs, and Dream Catcher. The salon also caters to hair coloring during installation to match the color of the extensions with the client’s natural hair color. From haircuts and trims to shampoo, blow-drying, and curl styling, the salon provides all hair grooming packages for routine care and special occasions.

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Hair Extensions of Houston is ranked among the Best Hair Extensions Salon Houstonthat specialize in safe and non-damaging hair extensions techniques such as the hair loc system. Founded and led by Brenda McLeod - a licensed cosmetologist with more than thirty years of experience, the salon offers hair colors, haircuts, and a range of salon services.

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