Tekin Deri Released Its Newest Product, Leather Cigarette Cases, for Large Global Production

Tekin Deri Released Its Newest Product, Leather Cigarette Cases, for Large Global Production
Istanbul, Turkey, October 20, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Tekin Deri Leather Goods Company has announced a new product that meets the need of frequent smokers, Leather Cigarette Case. Tekin Deri is ready to supply leather cigarette cases on a large scale for national and international retailers and importers. The Tekin Deri leather cigarette case collection consists of high-quality products with more than 100.000 unit capacity.

- Made with exclusive high quality 100% PU Leather
- Various colors and sizes available
- Trademarked product
- Designed by highly skilled handcraftsman in their own factory
- Easy to use, strong and durable

Emsal Tekin, President and CEO of Tekin Deri, said, “Our long-term partnership with many retailers in the global market has been very meaningful to the success of our company and our partners. We are fully aligned with the key value of our services to our customers and look forward to continuing to grow together by providing cutting-edge leather good services and products to our partners.”

Founded in 1993, Tekin Deri has grown into Turkey’s #1 leather goods manufacturer producing leather phone cases, leather tablet cases, leather wallets, leather watch straps and leather key chains. Tekin Deri has been a trusted partner of many of the world’s most recognized brands of men’s and women’s apparel and accessories. Tekin Deri products feature industry-leading innovations in fashion and quality, providing men and women with the ultimate in style and value. “We are ready to supply small and large retailers in any country with our latest products. Our current main focus is on the UK market as we see great potential in large retail stores, markets, and gas stations. We are ready to start a long-term relationship with our newest B2B customers. We’re thrilled to extend this relationship,” said the President and CEO of Tekin Deri, Emsal Tekin.

About Tekin Deri Ltd.

The headquarter and the factory of Tekin Deri is located in Istanbul, Turkey. The company operates its own factory in a 5000 square meter plant with a 600,000 unit capacity and has been set up to meet the highest standards of quality and workmanship. Since 1993, Tekin Deri has been exporting world-class, trendy and stylish leather goods for prominent brands in more than 10 countries as a trusted manufacturer for leather goods. The company is one of the first manufacturers in the natural fine leather goods industry in Turkey.

Beyond its latest product, Leather Cigarette Cases, the company specializes in the manufacture of 100% leather phone cases, tablet cases and bags, credit card holders, wallets, watch straps, key holders, men and women bags, exotic leather accessories, and many other small leather goods. The company is open to supply leather cigarette cases for those who would like to resell at retail stores in the UK and worldwide.

Contact Person:
Mustafa Selitektay
Business Development Manager at Tekin Deri Ltd.
Phone: +90 532 485 34 02
Email: mustafa.selitektay@tekinderi.com.tr
Tekin Deri
Mustafa Selitektay
+90 532 485 34 02