26th Annual Black Harvest Film Festival World Premiere: "BLACK Mama Sable"

Filmmaker Okema Gunn Creates Short Film from Perspectives about the Chicago Riots, Police Brutality, Pandemic and Struggles of African-Americans

26th Annual Black Harvest Film Festival World Premiere: "BLACK Mama Sable"
Chicago, IL, November 07, 2020 --(PR.com)-- “Black Mama Sable” premieres at the 26th Black Harvest Film Festival beginning on Nov. 10 through Nov. 23 as part of the “Voices of Our Time” shorts block. The 9-minute short film addresses a multitude of topics that the U.S. and world have faced in the year 2020. (Logline) After the Chicago Riots, a rebellious teenager goes to visit her mystical grandmother over the summer and discovers the origins of the struggles of African-Americans.

“Black Mama Sable” was originally a poem written by filmmaker/educator Okema “Seven” Gunn as a response to the climate of these times and angst felt in the aftermath of several events. This story highlights a supernatural grandmother who is a community activist, counselor, griot and healer. In the story, the young teen called “Cadence,” confronts her father (Officer Rashid Taylor) about police brutality.

“Each character has a strong presence and I know people just like Black Mama
Sable, Officer Rashid Taylor, and Cadence Williams. They represent the times we live in and the hopes and struggles of 3 generations,” says Gunn. This film includes all Chicago-native cast and crew. Starring Masequa Myers, Simeon Henderson and Jada Hamilton.

“The characters were more like the people I cast than vice versa. I created the characters with these phenomenal actors in mind and I was lucky to have them. Our cast and crew was small because I took all health safety precautions with this SAG film during the pandemic," Gunn explains.

Influences for creating the film were: education and storytelling, family legacy and identity, African-American History and African Culture/Customs, the Pandemic of 2020, the murder of George Floyd by the hands of the Minnesota police (and other deaths), protests, riots and looting.

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"Black Mama Sable" (2020):Short Film

"Black Mama Sable" (2020):Short Film

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