Esquire Innovations Announces Metadata Policy Services

Innovative new service allows highly flexible iScrub to be adjusted to meet changing demands

Esquire Innovations Announces Metadata Policy Services
Temecula, CA, April 26, 2008 --( Esquire Innovations, a leading provider of Microsoft Office integration software to the legal market and the creator of iScrub v5.0, an enterprise-wide application for metadata removal and metadata management, has developed an innovative new service to help law firms maximize usage of the software.

“iScrub is a highly flexible application that can be adjusted to meet a firm’s changing needs,” states Randall Farrar, Esquire Innovations CEO “After iScrub has been in use at a firm for a period of time, it’s possible that the original configuration no longer completely addresses the firm’s needs.”

Solving business problems as they emerge

To help address the changing needs of its current iScrub clients, Esquire Innovations, Inc. has introduced Metadata Policy Services that assists those clients who 1) feel that they are not making the best use of their software purchase, 2) have installed iScrub using the default settings without ever exploring other possibilities, and/or 3) wish they had the time or knowledge to be able to analyze their firm’s metadata approach and adjust the software to better fit their requirements.

“Our objective is to ensure that a firm’s experience with iScrub is as successful as possible,” says Judye Carter Reynolds, VP of Client Experiences. “We work with iScrub clients of every size and from every background every day, and we are constantly developing the software to meet the legal industry’s changing metadata concerns. We want all our clients to benefit from this experience and knowledge.”

Reviewing a firm’s current metadata management policies

Part one of the service, Metadata Policy Theory, may include:
• A review of a firm’s current and future metadata practices and goals and the adjustments that can be made to iScrub to better accommodate these practices and goals.
• A discussion of the benefits and new features available in newer versions of the software.
• Examples of how other firms are using iScrub to meet varying needs.
• Tips and suggestions on how a firm can make any of the changes identified and discussed, including practical advice on making the changes by reviewing XML settings.

Metadata Policy Practical, part two of the service, utilizes the analysis in part one to create action steps for the various changes that have been pinpointed, including appropriate setting changes, placement and instructions.

500 law firm utilizing its applications

iScrub is included in Esquire Innovations’ popular iOffice System product suite which includes iCreate, a document production product; iRedline, a redlining tool for Microsoft Word and Excel and iDoc, a powerful universal document management system-integrated ID stamper.

With more than 500 law firm clients in 110 cities utilizing its applications, Esquire Innovations has been developing, supporting and selling software applications oriented to the legal industry since 1999. To learn more about Esquire Innovations’ products and the new Metadata Analysis Services, call 951-506-5641 or visit

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