Secure File Transport by Cloud Maven, Inc., a New Salesforce AppExchange Application, Allows Transfer of Sensitive Data In and Out of Salesforce

Computer software and comprehensive solution creator and consultant Cloud Maven, Inc. announced the launch of Secure File Transport on Salesforce AppExchange.

New York, NY, December 15, 2020 --( Computer software and comprehensive solution creator and consultant Cloud Maven, Inc. announced the launch of Secure File Transport on Salesforce AppExchange.

Secure File Transport allows Salesforce users to securely send and receive sensitive documents while maintaining the highest level of encryption directly from Salesforce using text and email with the help of BotDoc who pioneered data and document transfer with full encryption without the need for pin, passwords, logins or software to download.

Secure File Transport can be used on any Salesforce object and supports multiple templates that can be configured to request different types of files. The application provides real-time time tracking and analytics and can be customized to request or send multiple files or documents. Secure File Transport is also easily integrated with major content management tools, including, Docuvault & Google Drive. Files are tracked in real time, giving users the ability to see which information has been received, what is outstanding and then provide a simple solution for their customers to provide missing documentation to complete a transaction.

With Secure File Transport, users will be able to transport confidential files using a fully automated process, completely avoiding email attachments or secure email complications. Users report a 50% increase in processing volume and a significant reduction in customer drop-off because of the simplification of the data and document transfer process.

Secure File Transport is compliant with HIPAA and SOC2 as well as PCI DSS, FERPA, Privacy Shield, and GDPR, making the new application ideal for companies in a variety of business and consumer settings including financial services and healthcare.

“We’re excited to launch this partnership,” said Karl Falk, CEO of Botdoc. “The Cloud Maven, Inc. team delivered an application for Salesforce users that meets the high standards businesses and consumers have today for ease-of-use and security.”

“We are so pleased to bring this revolutionary application to Salesforce AppExchange,” said Managing Director & CFO of Cloud Maven, Inc., Jugal Khanna. “It will be a game-changer for our existing and new customers.”

Secure File Transport is now available on Salesforce AppExchange:

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Founded in 2014 in Monument, CO, Botdoc gives businesses the power to securely collect or send any document in seconds via text or email with no pins, no passwords, no accounts and no logins. Our mission at Botdoc is to make convenience and security synonymous! With over 27,000 users and growing, Botdoc makes digital transformation a reality for businesses and delivers on the promise of improved customer experience without sacrificing security.

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Cloud Maven, Inc. is a computer software and consulting company that builds digital solutions that help organizations and professionals do things more easily, whether that be authenticating bank data, sending secure files digitally, or checking patient eligibility. Using the latest cloud technologies, the company creates applications that enable growth and create deeper customer experience and engagement. Cloud Maven, Inc. is a Salesforce Certified ISV partner that combines traditional Salesforce Platform services with emerging capabilities to enable customer and employee-centric applications that are secure, compliant, easy to use and connected. Learn more at

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