Florida-Based EdTech Startup Formed with Joint Venture Between Two European Technology Companies

MergingMinds International, Oneclick AG and Connect4Success AG join forces to launch EduPortle(TM).

Fort Lauderdale, FL, March 25, 2021 --(PR.com)-- MergingMinds International forms a joint venture with two European technology companies (Oneclick AG, and Connect4Success AG) to launch EduPortle(TM). This first-of-its-kind Single sign-on (SSO) Everything-Education-as-a-Service (XEaaS) portal that increases, enhances and advances global education for students and workforce development for companies' employees and partners.

EduPortle's pioneering technology makes "Education for All" possible by provisioning and delivering any EdTech Application, Learning Management System (LMS), School Management System (SMS), Business Application and Data, through a modern browser with a minimum 3G internet connection. The portal hosts all applications in the cloud, which means there is never a need for downloads of any kind, which significantly reduces the risk of cyber-attacks or malware. Plus, with its proprietary streaming technology, applications can work on any end-user device regardless of its operating system.

"We are living amidst what is potentially one of the greatest threats in our lifetime to global education. The pandemic has forced schools, universities, and companies to work remotely from home-offices and this need has accelerated the usage of online learning. We are thrilled that we could build a joint venture with two of our technology partner companies, and create a cloud-based education portal that solves many of the challenges people face in the online learning environment,” says Dieter Kondek, Co-Founder / CEO, EduPortle(TM)

As a central access and distribution platform in the cloud, EduPortle(TM) enables the safe and secure management of the entire technology stack. IT managers can utilize the portal's easy-to-use dashboard, allowing them to invest less time in implementing and maintaining resources and more time in developing the organization's own IT strategy. Plus, with its modular capabilities, academic institutions and companies have more options to increase their user's productivity and engagement while increasing security and reducing costs in almost every aspect of the online education ecosystem.

The portal's Single sign-on capabilities allow users to have just one login to access everything needed for their education or workforce development. Its modular infrastructure gives Academic Institutions and Companies the flexibility to provision and deliver any application to its students or employees, making the use, discovery and testing of new applications more manageable and affordable. Furthermore, the concept of BYOD is finally possible for everyone, as it no longer matters whether a student or employee has the latest Chromebook, an old laptop and access to only a 3G internet connection.

“For the provision and delivery of software applications and data, the oneclick™ platform offers its customers the highest level of productivity, regardless of the location where employees are working," says Dominik Birgelen, CEO of oneclick AG. "We are thrilled to be in joint venture with our partners, to provide all its customers with the best platform for delivering secure online learning. These current turbulent times are proving disruptive to many on a global scale, and at oneclick™ it is our goal to help the education sector to navigate through it and thrive.”

EduPortle(TM) has saved considerable time and money in R&D by combining the technologies and staffing of multiple award-winning technology companies and boasts a group of co-founders, Executive and Management teams with decades of experience in the Education, Cloud, Technology, Marketing and Startup industries.

About EduPortle(TM)
EduPortle Inc. is an Everything-Education-as-a-Service (XEaaS) platform, providing a secure, single-sign-on (SSO) cloud-based education portal which easily delivers any LMS (Learning Management System), any SMS (School Management System) as well as any Business Application to anyone, anywhere – regardless of end-user device and a minimum 3G internet connection. For more information on EduPortle(TM) visit eduportle.com
Andrew Martineau