Free COVID Care Delivers More than Expected, Offers Testing, Rapid Test Results and Other Options to Chicago Community

Free COVID Care delivers services other facilities opt not to. The services are designed to quickly and efficiently mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus.

Free COVID Care Delivers More than Expected, Offers Testing, Rapid Test Results and Other Options to Chicago Community
Chicago, IL, March 29, 2021 --( Free COVID Care is offering no-Cost COVID-19 testing its publicist announced today. The Chicago-based 501(c) (3) organization was established to manage free COVID-19 testing facilities. It provides 10-minute test results and other services. Insurance is not required.

"Our purpose is to increase public awareness in underserved communities," stated Tim Carlmark, spokesperson for Free COVID Care. "We convey the importance of getting tested and make the testing facilities easily accessible. Our aim is to help prevent outbreaks by identifying positive cases quickly.”

In July, 2020, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released a comprehensive strategy to address the disparity as it pertains to access to COVID-19 testing in minority communities.

To complicate matters even further, a shortage of supplies, testing kits and processing backlogs created capacity problems. And, at many locations health insurance was required for testing.

"While black and brown communities have been disproportionately harmed by the pandemic, they have not had equal access to services necessary to battling COVID-19,” explained Carlmark. Our mission is to increase public awareness in underserved communities about the importance of getting tested."

Tim Carlmark emphasized that Free COVID Care works to ensure tests are provided at no-cost to workplaces and other businesses.

“We are committed to help businesses open their doors safely again. We will help businesses monitor their employees’ health,” he stated. “Should any of them exhibit symptoms, we have a plan in place to prevent any further disease spreading including contact tracing.”

Carlmark added that Free COVID Care delivers efficiencies not typically offered by other facilities. Among the following no-cost services are rapid testing with 10-minute results:

- Rapid antigen test: Antigen testing is designed to determine if a sample contains proteins found on the surface of the coronavirus, enabling the delivery of BRIEF Quidel says its COVID-19 antigen test is now on par with PCR accuracy. Results are in minutes and not days. Real time, PCR test: A diagnostic test can show if you have an active coronavirus infection and should take steps to quarantine or isolate yourself from others.

- COVID-19 Anti-body test: An antibody test looks for antibodies that are made by your immune system in response to a threat, such as a specific virus. Antibodies can help fight infections. Antibodies can take several days or weeks to develop after you have an infection and may stay in your blood for several weeks or more after recovery.

- Stop the spread and save lives
In addition to providing free testing, the organization's aim is to staff their facilities with individuals that live in the same community. Full and part-time positions are currently available at all their locations. For additional information call 1 (833) 219-7867 and visit

About Free COVID Care
Free COVID Care manages approximately 30 testing facilities across Chicago and its suburbs. In addition to dedicated testing locations, free testing is provided at churches, schools, food pantries, daycare centers and more. Mobile testing vans are used to service more remote areas. We also provide on- site testing for employees and staff at business locations. We offer PCR tests, rapid tests and anti-body tests. Results of PCR tests are returned within 2-3 days and rapid test results are provided within 15 minutes. Anyone completing a test will be automatically pre-registered for notification when it is their turn to receive a vaccine. A comprehensive list of all our facilities can be found at
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