Earthly Body Provides Sustainable, Vegan and Cruelty-Free CBD Products in the Continental US

Having been in the industry for 25 years, the family business takes an environment-friendly approach to hair and skincare.

Earthly Body Provides Sustainable, Vegan and Cruelty-Free CBD Products in the Continental US
San Francisco, CA, June 09, 2021 --( Earthly Body, a company that hails from the San Fernando Valley, is known for introducing animal-friendly body and hair care products made of CBD. They are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and made with naturally derived ingredients.

The brand has also employed its resources to find eco-friendly alternatives to producing, supplying, and selling its products. The onslaught of COVID has forced a number of businesses to go online, thereby further adding to sustainable corporate practices in the US and beyond.

A spokesperson for Earthly Body, while discussing the current shift in trend, commented, “We’re honored to be in the unique position of being regarded as a provider of environmentally-friendly CBD products. Our brand was, is, and always will be sustainable, cruelty-free body and hair care.”

When the brand first hit stores across California two decades ago, it had little to no competition when it came to CBD products. “CBD used to be synonymous with psychoactive drugs, and it took a lot to turn that opinion around, to bust this myth and to make people realize the relaxing properties of this naturally-occurring compound,” continued the spokesperson.

The brand makes use of the essential fatty acids, minerals and rich protein content found in CBD to produce conditioners, shampoos, hair and body oils, lotions, massage candles, and other daily products for humans and pets.

It manufactures these cruelty-free organic goods in a solar-powered facility, and sells them through several shops and online. As for the profits, a portion of it goes to a nonprofit dedicated to improving homelessness in the greater Los Angeles area through food, shelters, and music.

Being a member of the Plastic Pollution Coalition (PPC) means Earthly Body has also denounced the use of single-use plastics, and their disposal into the ocean.

People interested in their CBD-based hair and body care products can find and buy them online on their website or in shops across the country.

About the company
Earthly Body is a family-run business operating from the San Fernando Valley. It specializes in the environmentally-friendly production and trade of cruelty-free personal care products, with CBD as the main ingredient. It donates a percentage of its sale to the Get Together Foundation, an organization tackling homelessness in the greater Los Angeles area.

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