Palm Beach Gardens, FL Based Residence Clubs International, LLC (ResClubs) Selects eVest Technology as Investor Servicing Platform

In launching its property syndication division, ResClubs ( has opened it’s investment opportunities and investor servicing, compliance and reporting initiatives to a massive investor class on the eVest Technology platform.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL Based Residence Clubs International, LLC (ResClubs) Selects eVest Technology as Investor Servicing Platform
Palm Beach Gardens, FL, June 11, 2021 --( “ResClubs has developed a growing family of members/investors,” says ResClubs CEO Craig Shawn Williamson. “Their loyalty to us is one of our highest priorities. We wanted the best platform to care for our current investor family, and to provide a safe and secure, as well as convenient online system to grow that family. With eVest Technology, not only are all facets of the syndication of our property purchases executed with precision, the platform allows us to provide for new investors with as low as a $5000 minimum to realize fixed annual returns of up to 18%. Investors can select one of our acquisition locations, or spread across several locations. Our investors are always in control.”

“As the only vacation club that generates a fixed income for its members in addition to their vacation time, and the only club membership that is a regulated security, and the only vacation club with a provisional process patent, driven by our newly launched syndication arm, and all enabled through our mobile app, we continue to carve out space as an innovator in the industry. We are new, but we are experienced and highly disciplined. We built our program, aligned with international partners, adopted a data driven modeling process and ran a successful beta test for ResClubs. This attracted the right investors like Alfie Best Business, and a conservative growing group of private investors that understand our product, the market, and our growth trajectory,” adds Williamson.

“Now, through our eVest Technology investor site, we offer 12-month to 5 year investments to our growing investor base with annual returns of up to 18%, with only a $5000 minimum investment. These investments are secured directly by the Real Estate. Due to the events over the last 18 months, there is an enormous pent-up demand for vacation investment opportunities. We are positioned as a logical economic choice,” says Williamson, Author of industry best seller, “Life as a Vacation” found on Amazon.

Residence Clubs International - Residence Clubs International, Inc. (“ResClubs”) is the only fixed income producing vacation program(Patent Pending) with the goal to not only provide members with an amazing vacation but also a vacation program that earns them an annual income. Members of ResClubs’ and it’s various sub-brands all enjoy system wide usage of all locations, plus fixed rates without the hassle of monthly costs. Investors in various ResClubs projects earn fixed annual returns of up to 18% with 12 to 24 month terms. All cash returns are paid quarterly.

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Craig Shawn Williamson