Commercial Private Equity Completes 75 Years of Offering Trusted Funding Solutions

Atlanta-based private equity company funds non-conventional transactions as one of the most trusted funding companies in the region.

Commercial Private Equity Completes 75 Years of Offering Trusted Funding Solutions
Atlanta, GA, June 23, 2021 --( As traditional financing models become outdated, there is a need to replace it with a secured first mortgage at a low loan to value. Clients looking for a cost-effective source of gathering short-term capital can utilize Commercial Private Equity’s services and get their deals closed quickly and efficiently.

Commercial Private Equity offers funding solutions to clients such as corporations, commercial property developers, brokers, and private individuals to meet their financial objectives via commercial hard money loan consultation in Atlanta, GA.

With 75 years of experience in this field, the company is 100% underwritten by private funds, which gives it the power to move forward with their clients' transactions without getting approval from a third party. This has made the whole process simple and streamlined.

In conversation, an executive at Commercial Private Equity said, “We aim to make the procedure safe and secure for our clients. As a result, they have the opportunity to secure loans that they otherwise couldn't have as we place more importance on real estate value as opposed to the personal strength of the borrower."

The company operates differently from others in the industry because it does not have a one-size-fits-all approach to credit terms. Their guaranteed financing via private funds allows them to make the call for loan approval based on internal standards and qualification terms. The executive elaborated, “We don’t want a client to have rigid credit terms even when they have strong collateral; we let the collateral dictate the terms of the loan.”

Commercial Private Equity’s expertise lies in areas such as commercial bridge loans, hard money loans, acquisition, refinance and development, and construction transactions. Among other reasons, the company's success can be attributed to their simplified application process, LTV up to 60%, low-interest rates, and no minimum requirement for credit score and credit history.

About Commercial Private Equity
Commercial Private Equity has 75 years of experience in the hard money and bridge loans market. The company specializes in raw land, development, construction, and bridge loans for non-owner-occupied commercial properties. Commercial Private Equity offers unique terms based on collateral, allowing commercial applicants to secure loans successfully.

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