District Coaching Offers Virtual Coaching Sessions for Improved Wellbeing

Life coaching equips clients with advice and counseling for problems that people face in their daily lives.

District Coaching Offers Virtual Coaching Sessions for Improved Wellbeing
Washington, DC, June 30, 2021 --(PR.com)-- District Coaching offers life counseling and coaching to people who are struggling with living the life they deserve. Tracy Vasquez, Washington DC life coach at District Coaching, uses an integrative and blended approach in counseling, pulling from her extensive 15 year-long professional and academic experience in the subjects of psychotherapy, psychology, and neurology. Due to the pandemic and social distancing regulations, District Coaching is offering virtual coaching to people so that they can improve their wellbeing while staying at home.

The surge in the pandemic caused hundreds and thousands of people to lose their loved ones and jobs, and they had to isolate themselves to keep safe. Sudden losses and shifts in social life took a toll on people’s mental and physical wellbeing as they fell victim to unemployment, grief, anxiety and stress. While vaccination drives are being carried on in full swing and things are slowly getting back to normal, a lot of people are still recovering from the losses they endured at the beginning of 2020.

Tracy Vasquez realized the pressing need to extend her services to people in need. Therefore, she began offering her counseling sessions virtually in three sets of packages. The Progress package comprises a 90-minute virtual session every month, the Mastery package includes two 60-minute sessions every month, and the Ascend package includes four 60-minute sessions every month. All these sessions are designed to help people decrease their mental clutter, increase self-awareness, harmonize their inner self, design their legacy, eliminate sabotaging behaviors, and break free from limiting beliefs.

The counseling sessions are led by Tracey Vazquez, who holds B.S. in Psychology and an M.S. degree in Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling. While talking about the counseling services, a representative of District Coaching stated,

“The coronavirus pandemic has exposed people to challenges that they had never anticipated. Through life coaching sessions and counseling, we hope to bring a new perspective to people’s lives that will replace the negativity that surrounds them. Through positive affirmations and cognitive therapy, we aim to change the toxic thinking patterns from within so that our clients become more self-aware and self-sufficient in their quest to live their lives.

"We initiated our virtual sessions to offer safety from the social and mental effects of the novel virus and provide convenience to people to change their lives by staying at home. We also offer multiple plans at different price points to ensure there is something that everyone can afford!"

People looking for more information about virtual coaching by District Coaching can get in touch with the organization through the contact details given below.

About The Company
District Coaching is a virtual life coaching and counseling platform led by Tracey Vazquez, who provides virtual sessions to clients weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly plans.

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Phone: 202-798-4911
Email: tracey@districtcoaching.com
Address: D.C. Metro Area in the DMV
Website: https://districtcoaching.com/
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