African Entrepreneur Seun Mafa Set to Launch a $60 Million Telehealth Platform in the USA

African entrepreneur Seun Mafa set to launch a $60 million Telehealth platform in the USA that will cater to users with little or no healthcare coverage.

African Entrepreneur Seun Mafa Set to Launch a $60 Million Telehealth Platform in the USA
Washington, DC, July 19, 2021 --( African born entrepreneur and startup founder Seun Mafa hopes to deliver the first of its kind telehealth platform to users around the world.

Speaking this week at a press conference to relay some of the plans the company, Ignite Consults, has for their telehealth platform, Seun Mafa disclosed that this came out of the passion to provide quality healthcare services to users from all walks of life who might not be able to afford a world class telehealth service. The platform, “IG9,” will afford such people the privilege to interact with their physician and healthcare providers in real-time, while having one of the best telemedicine experiences that is affordable and prompt.

The company, Ignite Consults (a subsidiary of ZULUC INC.), will be partnering with a leading telehealth provider with over 170,000 certified healthcare practitioners from the USA, in helping to supply these services to their subscribers. Ignite Consults has worked with diverse state and federal government in providing IT healthcare services at different spheres. Ignite Consults was founded in 2018 with offices in Washington, DC, Maryland and Texas all in the USA, with international offices in Pretoria, South Africa and Abuja, Nigeria.

"Seun Mafa is the Principal Consultant at Ignite Consults and the co-founder at ZULUC Incorporation. He has vast experience in healthcare IT management with over ten (10) years of experience in health IT management. He has worked as a senior consultant with the Department of Defense - DoD, Department of Veterans Affairs - VA and the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services – CMS to mention a few. He mentors hundreds of young innovative entrepreneurs around the world in helping to discover their abilities in life. He speaks at conferences/seminars around the world and has been featured on several local and international media platforms including CNBC.

The new platform is called, IG9, and is set to be launched sometime in 2022.
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