Pareto Beauty Acquires Consumer Plastics Consulting Group Intrepiqid from Dallas, Texas

Consumer investor and entrepreneur J. Patrick Reynolds, via the investment arm of Pareto Beauty, has entered into an acquisition agreement with consumer packaging and plastics consultant group Intrepiqid. The new global consumer packaging research and development division will expand Intrepiqid technology.

Dallas, TX, July 20, 2021 --( Pareto Beauty, a boutique investment arm of entrepreneur J. Patrick Reynolds specializing in consumer products and beauty, packaging, and manufacturing, has closed an investment acquisition on Dallas-based Intrepiqid solutions, a custom packaging solutions company known for eco-friendly packaging consulting and production. The private investment division of Reynolds family office investment arm Onyx Capital provided additional debt financing. The new investment brings a new division to the growing Pareto Beauty enterprises.

Intrepiqid solution's potential use of cross-processed ocean recycled plastics and biodegradable plant-based resins is the most interesting aspect of the acquisition and something Mr. Reynolds of Pareto Beauty is especially interested in developing for global impact and reduction of post-consumer recycled packaging. “We feel that the global plastics industry at $500 billion dollars will continue to increase with the increase in population, consumer demand, and increased cross country commerce. In the growing consumer space, specifically regarding new 'green friendly' packaging strategies and technology are the next logical areas of growth in the space. We expect the technology and research Intrepiqid has been doing will scale globally with a net positive reduction in plastics waste,” says Pareto Founder Mr. Reynolds.

The largest challenge in the use of recycled and ocean reclaimed plastics is the uniformity at the scale of both color and composition. Currently, most plastics are not able to be recycled to the levels that the general public expects. Plant-based resins are not commercially viable for large production and this problem has been the focus of Intrepiqid for many years. Pareto Beauty expects to be able to incorporate the latest technology across their multi-continental distribution and manufacturing network within 2 years of the combined entity.

About Pareto Beauty: Founded by serial entrepreneur Jared Patrick Reynolds, as a development and investment division for consumer-related products, services, and technology. With global sales and distribution in 10+ countries representing brands and manufacturing revenues of $100m globally.
Pareto Beauty, an Onyx Capital Investment
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