Anil Uzun Talks About the Gender Gap in the Funding of Ventures

Anil Uzun will talk about the lack of adequate funding for women FinTech venturers on YouTube on August 6, Friday at 07.00 pm CET.

London, United Kingdom, July 28, 2021 --( Anil Uzun is a serial entrepreneur with many years of experience in information technology, product development and innovation in the Fintech sector. As a venturer himself, Anil Uzun will talk about the gender gap in FinTech and how female venturers are not financed as much as men in the industry.

Anil Uzun says, "When we look at the sector, we see a male dominance. We do not see many ​​Fintech firms founded by women, but why? That may be caused by the inadequate support women get as they start as venturers. The world is blessed with very talented women. Imagine some remarkable women entrepreneurs driving fintech? Wouldn't that be great? As a man, I feel privileged in fintech, and I think it is in our hands to create a fairer, more inclusive financial system for women. But, unfortunately, women are discouraged from setting up and leading fintech businesses."

"FinTech lacks the insights, talent, and drive of women. We have a few exceptions, but the number of women technology entrepreneurs shall rise. The reason behind this shortage is the education and funding gaps. Creating an environment where women are supported as much as men would be a win for FinTech. With more funding, we will have more fintech entrepreneurs, resulting in a fairer financial system and a healthier economy," he continues.

The talk will be live-streamed on YouTube on August 6, Friday at 07.00 pm CET via the given link on the blog.

Who is Anil Uzun?

Anil Uzun is a visionary entrepreneur and investor based in London. He has an evangelical enthusiasm to support ventures, and his companies invest in emerging technologies in trading, payments, and many other internet-based services. His door is always open to people who have integrity, openness, and a collaborative mindset.
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