Alpha Serve is Now an Atlassian Silver Marketplace Partner

Alpha Serve, a software development team based in Ukraine, has received the status of the Silver Solution Partner on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Alpha Serve is Now an Atlassian Silver Marketplace Partner
Mykolaiv, Ukraine, August 06, 2021 --( At the end of 2018, Alpha Serve launched its first app on the Atlassian Marketplace and became an official Atlassian Marketplace Partner. Since that, the range of apps has grown and the company has been showing notable development and user experience standards in its products. Thus, its Atlassian partner level has been recently upgraded. In this time, Alpha Serve is an Atlassian Silver Marketplace Partner and trusted Shopify App Store and Magento Marketplace Partner.

Being on a mission to convert technological proficiency into real business solutions, Alpha Serve has developed a wide range of apps concerned with authentication security issues, task management, time monitoring, and reporting.

Essentially, the team made a successful effort to reimagine Jira and Confluence applications experience. Among the products, there are 2FA for JIRA, WebAuthn for Jira, Power BI and Tableau Connector for Jira, Time Tracker for Jira, Smart Git Integration for Jira, Microsoft Forms for Confluence, Canva for Confluence, Azure Communication Services for Jira, Mail Me, and other apps making changes to how users maximize their Atlassian practice. These applications help companies optimize and enhance their documentation, databases, security, and management in line with their internal and external goals.

“We’ve created tools that let your team achieve more by focusing on solutions and results instead of wasting a considerable amount of time on planning or task migration. As actual and frequent Atlassian users, we’ve thought about friendly user interfaces, performance tracking functionality, and the ability to deploy to a data center or server. They are all presented in our apps,” says an Alpha Serve representative.

Initially, the Marketplace Partner Program reveals partners with excellent app development and exceptional client experience in order to mark the best ones. The Silver Solution Partner status means that Alpha Serve has met Atlassian requirements on:

- Cloud and Data Center. The company invests in the cloud and has Data Center Approved versions of their high-traction server apps.
- Security. The company levels up its security practices regularly by participating in the Marketplace Security Programs.

The Silver status benefits include exclusive access to the specific Atlassian roadmaps, analytics, and credits intended to support the partner and provide more ways to grow professionally and share amazing products with the world.
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