Fantasy Writer Debuts New YA Novel That Shows Outsiders Can Become Heroes

Adolescence is a time when we want nothing more than to just fit in. Uniqueness can be a liability and a source of torment. Those real-life struggles are on display in Freya Daree’s new young adult series “The DeathReaper.” In the first of the series, heroine Amelie is forced to hide her special powers, until she realizes they may be the only thing that can save her world. A book for everyone that’s ever felt like an outsider, Daree creates a fantastical world full of good versus evil struggles.

Fantasy Writer Debuts New YA Novel That Shows Outsiders Can Become Heroes
Charleston, SC, September 07, 2021 --( In the world of Indivix Corp. a person’s powers dictate their destiny. They determine your career, your status, and the way people feel about you. In Freya Daree’s Young Adult fantasy fiction work “The DeathReaper,” the first in a new series of DeathReaper novels, having the wrong powers can be deadly. Main character, 19-year-old Amelie Weathers knows this all too well. She possesses a uniquely dangerous power - one so profound she would be executed on the spot if it happened to be revealed.

At the same time Amelie struggles with keeping her secret, an evil grows throughout the land. Led by an Omniviym, Alexander Kord, this force leads a relentless charge to level the stability of life, corrupting the foundations of cities throughout the country. Hope appears futile, survival tenuous. That is, unless Amelie can find the courage and strength to see herself as something beyond an aberration and outsider. With the help of a renegade scientist, Kane Blackwell, Amelie begins to find the courage to embrace her powers. But will it be enough to save humanity?

Available as both a Kindle eBook and paperback on Amazon, “The DeathReaper “ will release on September 9, 2021 and is distributed by Bublish, Inc.

About the Author
Freya Daree is an indie author who spends most of her time writing amidst the rural countryside of Tennessee. A lover of adventure in real life, when she’s not writing she can be found exploring the natural surroundings of her state. Her philosophy of “making every day count” is evident in her love of the slow life and learning from the wonders of the world around her.

A perpetual daydreamer, immersed in fantasy worlds of her own creation, Daree finds joy in the simple parts of life. An avid reader since childhood, she hopes to spread the joy of reading, inspiring the imaginations of young readers while identifying with their struggles and providing support during uncertain times.

Learn more about Daree on Instagram @thedeathreaper_book. Find out more about Bublish, Inc. and its services at
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