Anthony Shorter as Lead Candidate for Johns Creek City Council – Post 3

Anthony Shorter as Lead Candidate for  Johns Creek City Council – Post 3
Duluth, GA, August 25, 2021 --( Johns Creek is a city of diverse culture, communities and businesses. As such, it requires leadership with vast experience. Someone who understands the priorities set forth by the citizens and who can help navigate complex situations. August 16, 2021 - Shorter officially qualified to be on the ballot and is quickly becoming the frontrunner for post-3.

Shorter’s Background
Shorter currently works in the field of higher education as the Director of Development at the Art Institute of Atlanta. He is a natural-born leader who excels at getting things accomplished. Here is a brief (and incredibly impressive) glimpse into Anthony Shorter's eclectic CV:

- 20+ years of corporate leadership growing businesses and helping organizations navigate complex challenges.
- 20+ years of Financial Management, Accounting and Operations experience
- 20 + years of Strategic Planning experience, identifying spending trends and potential risk opportunities
- 15+ years of neighborhood leadership, as the president of the neighborhood association
- 20+ years of volunteer experience working with both private & non-profit organizations
- Member of The National Financial Planning Association
- Member of The Financial Planning Association of Georgia
- Member of the Executive Committee at The Art Institutes
- Business Owner & Entrepreneur
- Family Man: Father of 3, and proud Grandfather of 2

The Underdog at Johns Creek
Johns Creek is recognized nationally and internationally as one of the top communities in which to settle down, raise a family and retire. Shorter’s objective is to enhance the quality of life for all citizens and future generations that come. Once elected, Shorter will hold fellow councilmembers to a strong level of integrity, by ensuring transparency and fiscal responsibility. Below are a few initiatives Shorter will support once elected:

- Build a Planned Town Center
- Protecting Our Green Space
- Enhance our Parks
- Natural and Historic Preservation
- Stormwater Management

Virtual Meet & Greet
Shorter will be hosting a virtual meet and greet with residents and voters to answer their questions via Facebook Live on Friday, August 27, 2021. Shorter will discuss his candidacy and priorities for Johns Creek. Anthony Shorter is an advocate for economic and community growth and will outline his intention when elected. The pandemic reshaped our economy and Shorter recognized early, the need for local government to assist struggling families and businesses in the community. He offered free financial advice to businesses requiring help with requesting cares funding. His background in accounting, financial planning was helpful to businesses needing help. Shorter is the right choice for Johns Creek residents on November 2, 2021.

For more information about Anthony Shorter or to donate to his campaign, check out his website at:
Shorter for Johns Creek
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