Lankershim Taft Exploring Different Venture Capital Opportunities

For continued triple-digit returns, Lankershim Taft is exploring more investing strategies.

Lankershim Taft Exploring Different Venture Capital Opportunities
Pasadena, CA, September 27, 2021 --( The continued quest of delivering above-market returns has prompted Lankershim Taft to explore different investment strategies in the venture capital space. "Our internal funds have grown the fastest during this pandemic because of the volatility created by the entrants of tons of retail traders, now that the momentum is cooling off, we’d like to secure our profits and use it to explore multiple private to public plays that would generate us more internal rate of returns on all our private funds," said Kris Crudo. Currently, the fund is exploring a lot of opportunities in the Fintech and Cannabis space. With Fintech, they are talking to multiple developmental stage companies in the South East Asian region about exploring a merger deal with an established lending company before taking them public in the USA equities market. As for Cannabis, they are in contact with a Massachuset based growing and retail operations that are looking for investors worldwide through Reg A and Reg S sec exemption.

"We’ve been talking to a lot of investor groups in Asia, and we’ve got an overwhelmingly positive response. Everyone worldwide also wants a piece of that cannabis legalization movement happening in the USA right now, so we also want to take advantage of that opportunity, we’ve missed the west coast legalization play a few years back," according to Kris. "We don’t want to miss this again in the east coast."
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