Dike Ajiri Announces His Scholarship for Racial Equality and How to Apply

The Scholarship Announcement Was Made by Dike Ajiri to the Press in His Office

Dike Ajiri Announces His Scholarship for Racial Equality and How to Apply
Urbandale, IA, October 27, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Racism has become a global issue and racial equality is important to better our education system. To help cushion the dangers associated with racial inequality among students at university, Dike Ajiri has decided to help bring awareness to these issues. The successful entrepreneur is offering a scholarship to students at United States universities to empower them and end the racial disparity that exists.

"High school and undergraduate students can take advantage of the ongoing scholarship for 2021-2022. The scholarship is for racial equality and will award a student $1,000. However, there are strict rules to follow if you want to win and receive the funds. Having overcome adversities in different forms while in the university due to skin color and racism, I have chosen to help students with this scholarship. Hopefully through this scholarship, it will help to generate awareness about the ongoing problems with racial disparity in American Universities. Along with that, the annual scholarship will help a student to get financial assistance for their education," said Dike Ajiri.

"The scholarship is directed to the minorities at universities. It is an avenue to create awareness for the struggles the minorities face while in the school system. The criteria for eligibility is simple. The first condition is that the applicant must be a current Undergraduate Student or a High School Student intending to attend University in the United States. Also, the scholarship requires the student to apply by writing a 1000 word creative essay. The essay must answer questions on the given topic. The student will answer the following: 'Discuss ways that the legal system in America could be improved to create opportunity for all races.' Students with creative writing skills can participate in the contest to try to win the scholarship fund," added Dike Ajiri.

The announcement of Mr. Ajiri has piqued the interest of many American students. One of the speakers said, "Everyone that meets the criteria has an opportunity to get the scholarship award. Just make sure to turn in your essay by February 15, 2022, and the winner will be announced. The creative essay must be submitted to dike@dikeajirischolarship.com."

The members of the public at the meeting were excited to get involved in the scholarship to help generate awareness for racial equality. One of the attendees that was interviewed said, "The simple application procedure gives opportunity to more students to apply for the program. Hopefully, we can help to end racial disparity in Universities in the United States."

To take advantage of the opportunities in Dike Ajiri's scholarship, check the official site at "https://dikeajirischolarship.com”

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