New Book Claims Trump Was a Phenomenon and Not an Actual President

Internationalist writer Helen Fogarassy says that Donald Trump took the 2016 presidency but America won in 2020 with Biden. "America Votes Obama to Biden Past Trump: A kaleidoscopic view of the Trump phenomenon" is a readable series of articles, some of which have been published on-line including on her website.

New York, NY, November 01, 2021 --( According to Fogarassy, "America Votes Obama to Biden Past Trump: A kaleidoscopic view of the Trump phenomenon" looks at what happened when the Land of Opportunity gave the White House keys to a master opportunist. She says, "Trump used those powers to turn even a global pandemic into a political weapon. Over four years," she says, "he turned the Republican party into servile henchmen bound to him by his hold on a critical minority of American voters."

Fogarassy describes the book as a series of reader-friendly articles about the Trump phenomenon during the first two decades of the 21st century. In her view, it began with the Y2K scare about a computer crash at midnight between millennia. That false alarm was quickly followed by the real horror of the 9/11 attacks and a misguided 20-year war between East and West. That period saw the near collapse of the global economy, the historic election of the Western world’s first non-white president and a fierce backlash resulting in a bloody coup that nearly toppled democracy itself. She contends that America survived the onslaught thanks to its Constitution and its diversity. She concludes with the view that America has now resumed leading a shaky world in resolving global crises.

The articles rely on an analysis of mainstream news articles to make their points. While the opinions derived from throughout those news sources are her own, she says that sources are attributed throughout.

Author Helen Fogarassy is a Hungarian-born American writer whose 20 years of experience with the United Nations included a stint in Somalia as Editor-in-Chief of a Weekly aimed at Somali locals, global Embassies and UN Headquarters in New York. As a versatile New York writer who began her career at Scholastic Magazines, she worked with the Trump Organization in the mid 1980’s.

Raised in the American Midwest, Fogarassy remains rooted in her rich early experiences as a refugee immigrant after formative years under the rigors of Soviet Communism. She is an ardent advocate of cross-Atlantic cooperation to promote democracy throughout the world. Her other works on internationalism include Light of a Destiny Dark about cultural gaps between Europeans and Americans. Her Mission Improbable about a UN compound in Somalia is a microcosmic view of global cultural challenges.

Fogarassy’s view of the Trump phenomenon is an outgrowth of her experience. Endowed with blessings, she saw America as wide open for pillage. America’s hardier elements held the country steady until the Oval Office keys were again in reliable hands.

Article titles include “Master Con Don,” “The People Against Ultra-White Trump,” “White Hot in the Melting Pot,” “Moscow Towers Over Trump,” “The White House Born Loser,” “The Chucky Trump Horror Show,” “States United by the 2020 Election” and “Devil in Disguise QAnon Don Does CPAC” and “Bonkers America in a Tech-Addled Covid World.”

The book is rolling out through on-line booksellers starting with Barnes and Nobles. It is also available on the website and the Writers’ Branding website. Review copies are available on request. Comments are welcome at Fogarassy can be found on major social media sites.
Helen Fogarassy