San Diego Authors Shine in New Anthology

The San Diego Writers and Editors Guild has launched its tenth anthology, featuring fifty-three stories and six poems from local authors.

San Diego Authors Shine in New Anthology
San Diego, CA, November 05, 2021 --( The San Diego Writers and Editors Guild has launched "The Power of Ten" - their tenth annual anthology. The collection of selected works gives readers a taste of San Diego writing, featuring fifty-three stories and six poems that range from the intimate to the macabre.

Each submission received careful review by a panel of experienced authors and editors before being accepted. According to interim Guild president Bob Doublebower, “This anthology is a milestone event. Many of our members who were first published in our annual anthology have gone on to successfully publish elsewhere and grow their careers - a key part of the Guild’s mission. It has also become our most successful fundraiser and a source of pride for our membership.”

Anthology co-editor, Rivkah Sleeth, commented that the anthology can range from introspective to hilarious, and sometimes is chilling. “You can expect a surprising range of topics within 'The Power of Ten.'”

It is essential to the Guild that local bookstores and library systems are supported. Marcia Buompensiero, anthology co-editor, is working on events that will bring authors, readers, booksellers, and librarians together. “We want our authors to meet all the people who can make a book a success. It is especially important for new and experienced authors to interact directly with readers.”

New this year, "The Power of Ten" is available as an e-book and, along with the print edition, can be purchased from,,, and other online retailers. The anthology will soon be available at local bookstores across San Diego County.

About the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild: The SDWEG, founded in 1979 by Rhoda Riddell, is the oldest Guild of its kind in San Diego County. Today, after 41 years, SDWEG continues its leadership role in the local writing arts. Members enjoy meetings throughout the year, marketing support, and ongoing seminars and workshops that assist in the development of writing skills and career advancement. To learn more, visit our website:
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