Menu Design Group Releases New Upscale Fast Casual Digital Menu Board Systems

A reliable and straightforward digital menu board solution for fast-casual restaurants looking to improve guests' experiences, enhance their ability to promote new items and remotely update and manage their menus.

Menu Design Group Releases New Upscale Fast Casual Digital Menu Board Systems
Houston, TX, November 11, 2021 --( Today, Menu Design Group (MDG) announced the imminent access to new fast-casual digital menu board solutions that give restaurants complete control and remote editing of their digital menus. In addition, restaurant management can preschedule dayparting menus to auto-update, trigger new SLA items to play on defined schedules, and make on-the-fly edits to pricing.

"Fast Casual Restaurants may now quickly set up their digital menus using their computer and any TV. Using our fast-casual digital menu board software, restaurants can highlight their signature items, promotions, and specials," Phil from MDG stated. "Using the customizable digital menu templates and our drag and drop menu editor, restaurants can easily set up their digital menu within seconds."

Nice and Simple

A comprehensive collection of customizable pizza fast-casual digital menu board templates is included with MDG's digital menu board software. Restaurants can input their menu items, upload photographs of their food, add scrolling customized tickers, and integrate their social media feeds.

Control all of your menus remotely

From your computer, create and manage your digital menu

Make immediate changes to your menu items and pricing

Schedule menus and adverts to automatically play at specified times

All modifications you make on your PC are wirelessly transmitted to your televisions

Easy and Convenient

MDG offers one-time cost Turnkey Fast Casual Digital Menu Board packages for restaurants wishing a complete and personalized, professionally created digital menu. Send MDG your menu, and they will develop and configure it for you to send to your television. This value-added, cost-effective solution provides fast-casual restaurants with a well-designed, simple-to-use, turnkey fast-casual digital menu board system/


MDG has been assisting fast-casual restaurants in designing, developing, and deploying digital menu boards for over a decade. With an emphasis on effectiveness and convenience, MDGs' digital menu boards automate playback for restaurants without the need for restaurant workers to configure settings.

Additionally, the digital menu stores all menu and media caches locally. This ensures that the menu is always playing on the television, even with no internet connection.

About Menu Design Group

For a decade, The Menu Design Group (MDG) has specialized in custom-designed restaurant menus! MDG offers a variety of menu templates, including pizza menu templates, coffee shop menu templates, BBQ menu templates, and digital menu boards. Additionally, MDG provides unique turnkey restaurant menu designs.

Utilizing the Golden Triangle approach toward menu design, MDG accurately designs a well-balanced menu arrangement. The final fast-casual digital menu template design will be visually appealing, understandable, and impactful when these menu engineering methods are followed.
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