Introducing goNDA, a Legal Self-Service Mobile Application, Providing Accessibility for Everyone

GoNDA announces the launch of its mobile application for iOS and Android.

Introducing goNDA, a Legal Self-Service Mobile Application, Providing Accessibility for Everyone
Chicago, IL, November 10, 2021 --( goNDA, an emerging LegalTech startup provider announces the launch of their legal self-service mobile application for both iOS and Android devices. Built for real-time usability and amicable relationships, the unveiling of the new app delivers a unique mobile app experience. goNDA offers a selection of ready-to-use legal templates so everyone can create and execute legal documents for personal and business needs, at an incredibly affordable price. Now, at their convenience, business owners, entrepreneurs, and creative talents – freelancers, independent contractors and artists – have a simple way to legally protect their ideas, business, and families.

The self-service document execution feature guides the user through the document creation process removing the complex legal language questions which are usually too hard to answer without legal advice. In addition, goNDA offers in-app knowledge resources so users always have an understanding of the importance of the available templates. Not many people understand the legal contracts they are signing, and unfortunately, it can be difficult to be informed of the law when it comes to disputing a legal proceeding. The application's "Knowledge Center" provides users with simple legal understanding, and as a future in-app feature, a curated "Legal Marketplace" will make sure everyone is finding the right legal support. GoNDA also offers in-app notary services, so users can certify any document completed within the app. For so many people, legal support can seem impossible due to cost and awareness which can lead to several societal disadvantages including economic instability.

goNDA CEO, Amanda Moutrage explains the legal industry today as “Without lengthy waitlists and impersonable support, affordable legal services do not exist. The mission of goNDA is to create a legal self-service tool that enables the majority of us who are striving to protect our intellectual property and families without all the time consuming red tape, and without the typical price tag.”

The app is free to download and there is no charge to access it’s Knowledge Center and Legal Marketplace. Starting at $5 a month to access and complete ready-to-use legal templates, goNDA will enable and protect our communities to bridge the gap between accessibility and affordability for legal support.

The goNDA mobile app is now available to everyone via Google Play and the App Store.

About goNDA
goNDA is a self-service legal mobile application that offers real-time usability of ready-to-use templates at affordable prices for everyone. To learn more about the app and goNDA’s mission, visit:
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