Made in America Bill Signed by White House for PPE Products from US Meltblown

The Portman Bill was signed by the White House and will effect hundreds of PPE companies in the US that do business with the Federal Government as they will have to purchase Made in America PPE.

Made in America Bill Signed by White House for PPE Products from US Meltblown
Ft. Walton Beach, FL, November 22, 2021 --( Restoring America’s capacity to manufacture PPE, everything from face masks and surgical wear to medical supplies, is critical to keeping the nation’s hospitals functioning in times of crisis. The “Make PPE in America Act” will require a wide range of federal agencies–including Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, and the Veterans Administration–to purchase American-made PPE. The bill also requires federal agencies to issue long-term contracts to U.S. manufacturers.

More recently though, America’s mask producers have been laying off workers. That’s because China has jumped into the face mask business and is exporting low-quality masks to U.S. consumers. In fact, an estimated 70 percent of Chinese masks fail to meet proper safety standards. and millions of yards of a critical component melt blow is also being imported. With the signing of the made in America bill by the White House this will Require federal agencies to buy American-made masks and other PPE will help to protect the investments these companies have made to locate new production in the U.S. And it will also ensure a steady, ongoing supply of quality PPE from domestic producers throughout the country.

This is not a “Made in America” or “Made in USA” rubber stamp per the FTC guidelines which allows percentages of product to be made overseas. In the strongest sense, this new “Make PPE in America Act” is a mandate that the ingredients must be made in the United States. This seismic change is needed to ensure the supply chain physically moves and is to now be controlled within the United States.

US Meltblown built its business around this strategy. And now you can meet the requirements of the “Make PPE in America Act”:

1) They installed a brand new meltblown production line, fully operational 6 months after COVID-19 became a pandemic in the United States.
2) They tested and are “PASS” for ASTM F2100 Level 1, 2, 3 and NIOSH 42 CFR 84 Subpart K (N95).
3) They tested and are ASHRAE 52.2, MERV 13 for HVAC filtering.
4) Just last week, they doubled production capacity to meet anticipated demand under this new “Make PPE in America Act.”
5) They are committed to quadrupling their capabilities within the 90-day period after today’s signature of the Infrastructure Bill.
6) They make their meltblown in America from American-made components.

“This is the first step in a long-term strategy that is critically needed to permanently onshore PPE production to ensure our nation is prepared for the next health security crisis,” said NCTO (National Council of Textile Organizations) President and CEO, Kim Glas. “This infrastructure package will help incentivize the reshoring of PPE production by guaranteeing long-term federal contracts and expanding Berry Amendment rules to more federal agencies’ purchases of PPE products, important priorities of the U.S. textile industry.”

US Meltblown is aligned with supporting your needs in the reshoring of supply chains critical to the security of our United States. The “Make PPE in America Act” provides further support to repatriation of our PPE supply chain.

“We have done our part by establishing a reliable, domestic source for this vitally important PPE material,” said US Meltblown Founder and CEO, Robert Sires. “We are asking others to do their part by purchasing PPE products from companies here in the United States, thereby, supporting the economy and better protecting American citizens.”

US Meltblown is America’s trusted manufacturing source for critical filter and barrier material, setting the standard for this vital material used in personal protective equipment such as medical grade masks. We continue to fulfill our vision to protect families, healthcare workers, first responders, and workers in industry with American-made melt blown nonwoven polypropylene. US Meltblown is proud to provide this top quality critical filtering medium made in Florida from raw materials produced in the United States and processed on equipment that is built in the U.S. and operated by American workers. USMB polypropylene meets criteria for use in masks rated N95 and higher and is static charged to provide additional protection. Quality is assured through rigorous in-house testing.

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