Seritag Launch Tapstart Ready to Use QR Code and NFC Tag Labels

Seritag have launched a range of ready-to-use QR Code and NFC tag labels. Using Seritag's new TapStart technology, the labels can be quickly and easily linked to any website within minutes without an app.

Seritag Launch Tapstart Ready to Use QR Code and NFC Tag Labels
London, United Kingdom, November 26, 2021 --( Seritag, a leading global supplier of NFC tags, have launched a new range of ready-to-use NFC tags and QR code labels and products.

The new TapStart technology enables users to quickly and easily set the destination link of both the QR code and NFC tag without an app. The subscription free system is specifically designed to allow users to access the marketing and communication power of NFC and QR codes without the hassle and learning curve of encoding NFC tags or generating QR codes.

The new range of TapStart labels includes Seritag's tried and tested TwinConnect combined NFC and QR products alongside a range of high impact QR code stickers and window stickers. All products are available for immediate dispatch and can be activated by any smartphone within minutes.

Phil Coote, Seritag's CEO commented, "Many of our customers are looking to add contactless labels to their point of sale but aren't sure how to get started with NFC or don't want to order custom QR labels. The TapStart technology has been created to remove the technology barrier and allow users to set up the labels with a couple of QR code scans."

TapStart technology also allows users to modify the dynamic link destination at any time. The tags can be linked to an online menu, social network, connection hub or other website and can be updated as often as the user needs.

TapStart labels can be purchased directly from Seritag's website at TapStart NFC Tag and QR Code labels or from Amazon.
Phil Coote
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