SkySparc Strengthens a Euro-Zone DMO’s Debt Management Operations with Award-Winning PUaaS Solution

SkySparc, an independent solutions provider, has entered a new partnership with a Euro-zone debt management office aimed at ensuring the long-term operational efficiency and performance of its core systems.

SkySparc Strengthens a Euro-Zone DMO’s Debt Management Operations with Award-Winning PUaaS Solution
Stockholm, Sweden, December 09, 2021 --( Following a public tender process, SkySparc was selected to manage an upgrade project for the agency’s Wallstreet Suite using its award-winning Patch Upgrade as-a-Service (PUaaS) solution.

SkySparc’s consultants initiated the pre-phase of the project, which leverages standardized processes, existing test cases and repeatable methodology as part of a ‘re-use, reduce, recycle’ approach. They then managed a seamless transition to the new system, requiring minimal input from in-house resources, also reducing timelines.

The pilot project for PUaaS – also delivered to a Euro-zone debt management office, the Dutch State Treasury Agency – was recognized in Central Banking’s FinTech Awards 2019, with SkySparc being named Technology Consultant of the Year.

The PUaaS solution is now widely used by financial institutions in the public and private sectors to increase the frequency and efficiency of patch upgrades, thus enhancing security, interoperability and functionality on a cost-effective basis.

The agency is responsible for short- and long-term cash and debt management, including funding oversight of public corporations, as well as coordination of financing for autonomous administrative and financial services and funds.

Joakim Wiener, CEO, SkySparc, said: “Debt management offices need performant, agile and secure platforms now and into the future, which means minimizing the risk and effort of regular upgrades. PUaaS has a proven track record in providing positive outcomes to forward-thinking institutions. Having successfully demonstrating its value on this project, we look forward to further strengthening our relationship through ongoing collaboration.”
Cathrina Henriksen Cabrera
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