Lifespire Commemorates 70 Years of Giving Hope to Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Lifespire Commemorated 7 Decades of Giving Uninterrupted Hope to 100,000 New Yorkers with Developmental Disabilities Since 1951. Lifespire Marked 21 Months of Uninterrupted Care Given to a Nation Crippled by a Pandemic.

Lifespire Commemorates 70 Years of Giving Hope to Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
New York, NY, December 16, 2021 --( Lifespire, Inc.,, commemorated crossing its seventh decade of support to over 100,000 New Yorkers with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities on November 29th, 2021.

“We are 1,000 professionals working together in teams to provide remarkable services for a population that is growing at the rate of 3% annually. By blending professionalism with an empathetic agility, Lifespire helps to provide the highest quality of living to people supported,” stated Thomas Lydon, Chief Executive Officer. “The deep stress, anxiety and confusion that surrounds our situations has been relentless. But each person in Lifespire’s agency has taken serious steps to fill the gap by working together to gain greater awareness, to expand capacity and bring greater clarity to its mission.”

Lifespire’s talented teams of service providers and administrators tangibly are making a difference in the lives of thousands of people daily – a difference not to be overlooked, ignored or denied. What has changed from 70 years ago is the level of training necessary and the intentionality by which Lifespire provides its services.

The Science Behind the Agency’s Success
The recent Gallup survey of US care workers shows that direct care professionals who strongly agree that their employer cares about their wellbeing are 2.3x more likely to feel “well prepared” to do their job than caregivers who can’t say the same. Consequently, Lifespire recognized the increased level of burnout for direct support professionals, their supervisors and clinicians during this pandemic and made adjustments to reduce workload demands and personnel shortages.

Language, Listening & Transparency
Other ways this health crisis affected Lifespire and other agencies is in the importance of learning to engage in two-way dialogues, which often resolves many problems before they start. Communication at Lifespire is paramount in order to move the agency forward and in the same direction.

Transparency also became a prerequisite for Lifespire in this new workplace: open, transparent and honest efforts to make sure responsibilities were not overlooked and one person is not overloaded, taking the full brunt of the work.

“At Lifespire, there was a never give up attitude, in the face of many losses,” as described by Dr. Rita Seychell, Physical Therapist.

Achieving the Impossible
What has been experienced over the last 21 months since the outbreak of the pandemic clearly compares with those PTSD symptoms suffered by those on the battlefield:
The epidemic of direct support professionals’ burnout, which affects 76% of full-time employees, seems exaggerated, but the numbers don’t lie: 49% of direct support professionals strongly agree their employer cares about their wellbeing.

The pandemic has certainly made serving the IDD population more difficult, complicating the jobs of most people, from the front lines to the administrative operations for these agencies.

A Historical Documentary Recording Its History
Lifespire is looking to produce its own documentary looking back over nearly three-quarters of a century of hope and Family Life Quality at the hands of the people who broke the cultural and societal barriers, through the eyes of Dr. Jim Normandy, VP for Day and Community Services.

The Challenge Facing Agencies Serving This Population:
Stagnation or declines in government funding 73%
Shortage of skilled workers 63%

Important Facts About Lifespire
- Locations: 82 throughout the five boroughs of New York City, as well as services and sites in Westchester and Ulster County
- Residences: 118
- Day Comprehensive Service Centers: 11
- Citywide Services Include: Family Support Services, Individual Support Services and Assistive Supports
- Staff: Over 1,000
- Number of Individuals Served: Over 5,000

Lifespire Services – How We Do It
Day Habilitation
Community Habilitation
After School Respite
Article 16 Clinic
Family Support

Lifespire – History
For seven decades, Lifespire has continued to fulfill the legacy of uninterrupted care envisioned by Ida Rappaport, founder of ACRMD (former name of Lifespire) and Harry Kamish by helping to support 5,000 people each week to reach their life goals of community involvement, meaningful employment and independent living. Lifespire’s efforts have been recognized in 2016 when they became only the third organization in Manhattan to receive accreditation by the Council on Quality and Leadership for Person-Centered Excellence.

Careers at Lifespire
Lifespire is a place that creates an inclusive and welcoming space for people of all backgrounds. Together, we strive to build an encouraging, supportive, and flexible organization that fosters innovation. We are committed to cultivating a place where everyone can feel they belong. We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. To find out more about careers at Lifespire email:

A career at Lifespire offers new experiences for growth, and the opportunity to work with dedicated people every single day. We are always looking for passionate individuals who understand that they make a big difference. For more information, email
Lifespire, Inc.
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