Drummond Certifies Latest AS2 MFT Products in Fourth Quarter 2021

Test Event Featured New AS2 Cloud Certification Seal; Announces AS2-2Q 2022 AES Optional Profile.

Drummond Certifies Latest AS2 MFT Products in Fourth Quarter 2021
Portsmouth, NH, December 16, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Today, Drummond Group LLC, the trusted leader in AS2 software product interoperability validation for more than 20 years, announced the completion of its second AS2 interoperability test event of 2021 begun in mid-September and completed in November.

Although it was a quick turnaround from the prior test event, AS2 software vendors demonstrated their commitment to providing the highest level of the standard’s interoperability assurance for the marketplace with their participation.

Participating companies included ArcESB, Axway, Cleo, Dell Boomi, DXC Technology, E2open, HelpSystems, IBM Corporation, OpenText, Oracle and SoftwareAG.

“Drummond congratulates these companies and declares the latest AS2 product versions as Drummond Certified™ having demonstrated interoperability as a group with their newest software products-with-versions,” said Aaron Gomez, Drummond’s Supply Chain Business Unit Leader.

As in a previous test event, the AS2-4Q21 interoperability validation test event continued to offer two AS2 connectivity configuration options – one with Basic Authentication enabled and one without. Going forward, Drummond will issue two AS2 certification seals to participants completing AS2 interoperability validation according to the following AS2 test plan guidelines:

1) Drummond AS2 Certification seal – Companies completed validation based on Drummond’s AS2 original test plan which doesn’t require Basic Authentication for establishing trading partner connectivity and tests non-SSL connectivity.

2) Drummond AS2 Cloud Certification seal – Companies completed validation based on Drummond’s AS2 original test plan however test cases now require Basic Authentication and SSL for establishing trading partner connectivity.

Both certification seals offer the same safe, secure, and interoperable AS2 connectivity. However, Basic Authentication with SSL is required by some cloud-based solutions. Drummond expects most AS2 participating companies to certify for AS2 Cloud in 2022. As new security trends emerge, Drummond plans to update its AS2 test plan to keep pace with the needs of different trading communities utilizing AS2 communications.

In addition, Drummond conducted interoperability testing on a trial basis of AS2 message exchanges using AES. Conducted amongst a few participants, this trial test set the stage for Drummond’s plans to officially offer AES Optional Profile Certification in the second quarter of 2022 (AS2-2Q22).

For a list of the newly certified AS2 products and for registration information for upcoming tests, please visit: https://www.drummondgroup.com/certified-products-2/b2b-interoperability/#appst.

Email sales@drummondgroup.com for additional details on future AS2 or AS4 or ebMS Interoperability testing.

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