DocClocker, Now Integrated with Athena Health

Health information technology company Fast Pathway Inc. integrates the innovative DocClocker application with Athena Health Marketplace to reach more health providers.

DocClocker, Now Integrated with Athena Health
Tampa, FL, December 20, 2021 --( Florida-based Fast Pathway Inc. is integrating with Athena Health to become an official Marketplace vendor in healthcare management services.

The partnership is with Fast Pathway's, a cloud based application which helps healthcare providers increase efficiency and save on costs while providing a more comprehensive service to patients.

Athena Health customers can now integrate the application’s healthcare management services to offer everything from fully integrated appointment booking to an innovative contactless check-in service and provider wait time showcasing.

At a time when patients are increasingly worried about the spread of contagious diseases such as COVID-19, the ability to check-in for their appointment digitally from any device without apps or hardware gives them peace of mind while also streamlining front desk management for Athena Health customers.

The application is also the only product on the market that showcases real-time wait times for patients. Updates on wait times are showcased for the patient to avoid crowded waiting rooms and allow them to remain in their car or elsewhere until their appointment, reducing the risk of contamination and protecting both the public and front-line staff. In addition, by keeping patients updated on their schedules, doctors can ensure they feel their time is valued.

The DocClocker health information technology, now available through Athena Health, is easy to launch and requires only five minutes of staff training. It also offers a host of other features, such as email and text reminders for patients to avoid no-shows and reputation management tools for healthcare providers.

The healthcare management services application brings complete transparency to the waiting room, reduces front office call volumes, offers a simple contactless check-in for patients, and has built-in marketing. For example, patients can search for clinics and healthcare providers and quickly book an appointment with them based on reviews and wait times.

Fast Pathway created DocClocker to take the pressure off front desk staff and help medical providers offer a higher level of service so they can benefit from positive feedback and build their online reputation.

Lynn VanMeter, MBA, the COO of Sun Country Pediatrics, has experienced the benefits of this innovative cloud based application. She said: "Implementing DocClocker® Remote Check-In reduced our front office call volumes by more than 33% within the first month."

Founded in Tampa, Florida, DocClocker is now present in 20 cities as it grows in popularity with healthcare providers, offering appointments for providers in specialties from dentistry to pediatrics. The new integration with Athena offers an even more significant opportunity for growth, providing the potential for to be available for more patients across the country and changing the efficiency of waiting rooms everywhere.

This revolutionary partnership with Athena Health will now make the important features of DocClocker more accessible to doctors so they can streamline appointments and check-in efficiency, market their medical centers better and improve their bottom line. The entire process has been simplified to offer both healthcare providers and their patients the assistance they need.

To learn more about DocClocker's product features and benefits, simply request a demo on the website.

About DocClocker
DocClocker is a healthcare management services app that specializes in streamlining operations and taking the pressure off medical provider front desks. It reduces the burden of waiting times for patients, helps reduce the spread of diseases and offers comprehensive features from appointment booking to reputation management tools. It is simple to use, affordable and has everything health providers need all in one place.

About Fast Pathway
DocClocker is an application from Fast Pathway Inc, a company with a mission to improve the quality of healthcare services for both patients and providers. The company specializes in offering sophisticated technology at affordable prices, connecting key stakeholders through secure, encrypted communication to improve the healthcare experience for all.
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