The College Investor Ranks the Best Tax Software of 2022

The College Investor has released its annual rankings of the best tax software for consumers - with a focus this year on cryptocurrency and NFT tax filing, unemployment compensation, and reconciling the Advance Child Tax Credit.

San Diego, CA, January 12, 2022 --( The College Investor has come out with their 2022 rankings and guide to The Best Tax Software for consumers.

In this year’s guide, The College Investor has expanded the categories to reflect the changing dynamics of consumer tax filing, especially focused on the additions of crypto and NFTs, as well as investing and stock trading. The main categories include:

- Best Free File
- Best for Student Loan Borrowers
- Best for Stock Market Investors
- Best for Cryptocurrency Traders
- Best Tax Liability Calculators For Crypto And NFT Investors
- Best for Landlords
- Best for Side hustlers and Gig Workers
- Best for Virtual Tax Preparation

“This is our seventh year ranking the tax software programs available, and we’re pleased to see most adapting to the current needs of the consumer - including a big focus on stimulus checks, unemployment income, and reconciling the Advance Child Tax Credit,” said Mr. Robert Farrington, America’s Millennial Money Expert® and Founder of The College Investor.

“Taxpayers can find all the available tax filing software options on The College Investor, and make an informed decision as to which tool would best suit their needs. Each software ranking is accompanied by a thorough review for each of the available options, aiming to showcase the pros and cons of every software package. What’s more, this year we’ve increased our video reviews so that consumers can get a virtual walk-through of tax software options and understand what they’re getting.”

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