Lidia Szczepanowski, Recent Winner of World Top Model™ Competition, Recognized as a Woman of the Month by P.O.W.E.R. - Professional Women of Excellence Recognized

Lidia Szczepanowski, Recent Winner of World Top Model™ Competition, Recognized as a Woman of the Month by P.O.W.E.R. - Professional Women of Excellence Recognized
Dix Hills, NY, March 08, 2022 --( Lidia Szczepanowski of Dix Hills, New York, selected as World Top Model Ms. 2022 in February, has been recognized as a Woman of the Month for March 2022 by P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) for her outstanding achievements and contributions in the fields of law, business, journalism and beauty. Each month, P.O.W.E.R. features women to represent their professions and industries due to their expertise and success in their chosen specialty.

About Lidia Szczepanowski
Attorney, entrepreneur, women’s advocate, speaker, and beauty queen Lidia Szczepanowski began her journey as the child of working class Polish immigrants. Overcoming many personal and economic hardships, she refused to accept adversity as an excuse to settle for second best. Today she’s living a remarkable life filled with countless personal and professional accomplishments and is dedicated to helping others. Lidia exemplifies the real-life embodiment of the words “success, independence, entrepreneurship and glamour.” She has acquired a plethora of knowledge over the years in her roles as a litigation attorney, business strategist, entrepreneur, media producer and host, keynote speaker, black belt in karate, and international beauty queen. Most importantly, she is passionate about “giving back” through proactive “hands-on” participation in philanthropy and philanthropic activities.

Philanthropy and playing an active role in the improvement of the human condition have long been Lidia’s most consuming motivations. In 2007, she founded the National Organization for Women’s Safety Awareness (NOWSA), a not-for-profit that helps raise awareness about the frequency of sexual assault and other forms of violence and harassment against women and teens in our society and initiates calls to action that help stop it. The charity focuses on education and advocating for social change through educational outreach programs, awareness initiatives and events.

Lidia’s 30 plus years of legal expertise has a well-deserved reputation of excellence, and she provides smart, high-quality, and sensible legal and business solutions to new businesses, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Lidia has appeared in numerous media outlets as a legal and personal safety expert and entrepreneurial consultant and has been a keynote speaker for educational institutions and other organizations. In addition to her winning record as a lawyer, black belt, women’s lifestyle and personal safety expert, and entrepreneur, Lidia has also managed to incorporate some glamour into her life. She holds the titles of Mrs. New York America 2006, Mrs. New York International 2009, Mrs. Corporate America 2013, Ms. World Elite 2017, and this February she won the coveted title of World Top Model Ms. 2022 at the World Top Model Competition presented by Beauty It’s Everywhere LLC.

When asked why she vied for the title of World Top Model™, Lidia said, “In the spirit of a speech made by Theodore Roosevelt in 1910, I want to be the woman ‘in the arena.’ I purposely choose to participate in situations that require courage, skill, confidence, or tenacity, as opposed to sitting on the sidelines and watching. This brings me joy. I want to appreciate every moment of my life, be grateful for all the people I meet along the way, and embrace as many experiences and opportunities that are presented to me, especially those that address social issues and ideologies I feel strongly about like women’s equality, safety, and empowerment.”

Recently, Lidia has also won the prestigious “FABcon Top 100 FAB (fashion, apparel, beauty) Leaders Award,” she was selected twice by the Long Island Business News as one of “Long Island’s Top 50 Most Influential Women in Business,” she was presented the “Woman of Distinction” Award from the New York State Assembly, the “Best Corporate Communicator” Award by the Fair Media Council and she was selected as “Women of the Year 2021” by Model Citizens Magazine. She also volunteers her time as legal counsel for several charities. She is currently the Director of Marketing for the New York Boutique Lawyers Networking Group (NYBLNG), and she sits on the Advisory Board of The Future Connoisseurs.

Lidia is also the owner of Everything Lidia, Inc., a multi-platform luxe lifestyle enterprise that is devoted to providing practical and thought-provoking information, insights, and ideas through seminars, including “Stylish Safety” awareness programs, speaking engagements, social and other media offerings and products which encourage women to live even more successful, fulfilling, confident, safe, and glamorous lives. Everything Lidia, Inc. offerings also include the award-winning and patented SCULPTURA® (Sculpt-It-Your-Way) Shapewear clothing line with removable curve enhancing accessories which concept is a physical manifestation of the decades of unique experiences and useful information Lidia picked up along the way.

Using her growing celebrity status, extensive legal background, vast business and leadership skills, practical marketing, management and public relations knowledge, Lidia strives to make a difference in people’s lives. It is her mission to motivate others to realize their true self-worth and reach their maximum achievement potential while enjoying the ride and attaining genuine happiness.

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