ICRFQ Now Eyeing to Expand Its Global Market

After experiencing immense success in the local market, ICRFQ is now eyeing to spread its wings to the global market arena. The company has announced that plans are in place to facilitate supply and distribution of its electronic components to different regions across the globe.

New York, NY, March 02, 2022 --(PR.com)-- ICRFQ is confident that the new strategic plans will spearhead the company’s growth in terms of revenue and profits to the new levels, making it compete with other major distributors at the global level.

The company's milestone is attributed to the immense success that it has witnessed in different aspects.

ICRFQ has already put in place key strategic measures that will be used in ensuring that the company achieves the new goals.

“ICRFQ has sat down with experts and laid down goals that will see move to the next level in matters of supply and distribution of the electronic components,” said the company’s president. “ICRFQ has analyzed all the loopholes in this industry and hope to level the ground for top performance.”

A wide range of electronic components

According to the company’s president, diversification is among the key recipes for their growth.

ICRFQ distributes a broad range of electronic components that are used for different purposes. The range includes chips, fuses, connectors, semiconductors, integrated circuits, and passive components such as resistors and capacitors among many others.

These components are an essential part of a variety of applications including medical devices, home appliances, industrial equipment, and vehicles.

“ICRFQ has over five million item lines in our inventory,” said the sales director. “This implies that the company is a one-stop shop for the electronic components not only in China but also beyond the borders.”

Take advantage of lifted COVID restrictions
In the past two years, the supply and distribution of electronic components has been hampered by the CoronaVirus, a global pandemic. The supply manager expressed optimism of a smooth distribution since many countries have lifted the restrictions. “ICRFQ can now supply our goods to any part of the world in time without worrying about delays caused by restrictions,” said ICRFQ head of supply team. “ICRFQ will also partner with reliable shipping companies across the globe to ensure that ICRFQ meet the needs of customers when it comes to the supply and distribution of the electronics.”

The company has been able to establish a strong brand value amongst the customers. It has been able to maintain its position at the top of the market. The customers have trust in the company and have shown remarkable growth in recent years.

Strong financial performance
The company has a strong financial performance. The financial performance of the company has been able to maintain its position at the top of the market. The financial performance of ICRFQ is driven by growing sales, low costs and high profitability. ICRFQ has been profitable for several years now, which is an achievement that few companies can boast about.

B2B and B2C Markets
ICRFQ is targeting to attract both brands and individuals in its west to reach out to the global market.

“ICRFQ aware that The B2B market is a very competitive market, which is why ICRFQ is striving to maintain its position at the top,” said the company’s sales manager. "ICRFQ distributes quality electronic components to other traders and companies across the world."

Both small and large brands have reaped immense benefits from their partnership with ICRFQ. Brands across the world have been able to manufacture their products at a low cost, which has helped them gain a competitive edge over their competitors.

Other than brands, ICRFQ announced that it intends to serve the needs of individual customers. With the rising rate of research and innovation in the field of electricals and electronics, The company has recorded an increase in demand for the electronic components.

ICRFQ aims to seal this gap by bolstering the B2C relationship.

Founded in 2003, ICRFQ is a leading supplier and distributor of electronic components and systems. The company has nine manufacturing plants along with a research and development center. It has a workforce of over 1,000 employees across the country.

ICRFQ has collaborated with many international and domestic companies. It is among the top 100 electronics suppliers in the world.
Kevin King