The Lost Bali Stories - True Traveler’s Tales Pre-Mass Tourism

In 1990, Bali faced mass tourism and changed the island dramatically, as if overnight. "The Lost Bali Stories - Volume I" is a collection of true travelers' tales about Bali and what it was like before the islands tourist boom.

The Lost Bali Stories - True Traveler’s Tales Pre-Mass Tourism
Big Bear Lake, CA, March 03, 2022 --( "The Lost Bali Stories – Volume I," published on February 14, 2022, is an entertaining collection of true tales direct from the lips of an eclectic mix of youthful vagabonds, rainbow gypsies, artists, giddy optimists, cosmic healers, and colorful misfits who unwittingly participated in an incredible cross-cultural movement in Bali between 1970 to 1985 before mass tourism changed the face of the island dramatically. Written in hindsight, the stories are tinged with memories of a bygone era and testimonies to Bali's transformative powers. At the conclusion of each story, the writer offers "insider" travel advice for today's visitor to Bali.

The Lost Bali Stories represents an array of writers, many of whom are today iconic in Bali. Famous anthropologist and documentary filmmaker Dr. Lawrence Blair confirms in his foreword, "This book reveals that Bali, for us foreigners, wasn't just a different planet but an altered state of mind."

Other writers include photographer Rio Helmi, historian Bruce Carpenter, author Diana Darling, entrepreneur Nigel Mason and director of the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, Janet DeNeefe.

The Lost Bali Stories was created, compiled, and edited by Leslie Anne Franklin, who lived thirty-three years in Bali. The making of the book was inspired by Leslie's love of Bali and its spirituality, culture, and lifestyle. Leslie has completed Volume II of the Lost Bali Stories.

The Lost Bali Stories, upon release, immediately reached #1 bestseller ranking on Amazon.

The book is available for purchase from all major book retailers worldwide for USD$19.99.

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