Med Bed Technology Products Now Beginning to be Released to Public

What is a "med bed" and when are med beds coming? Although the release of med beds mentioned in various underground programs have not been released yet there are many med bed light frequency technologies and technology products now providing various health benefits to users. Hospital Direct Medical looks at Tesla Plasma Chambers, Terahertz Wands, Tesla Ozone Ray's, Anti Aging Bed Covers and other products are now available.

Med Bed Technology Products Now Beginning to be Released to Public
San Diego, CA, March 28, 2022 --( Med beds and med bed technology has been entering the public domain over the last few years as many media outlets have started reporting of "space age" type technologies that can reverse aging, regenerate limbs, cure all types of disease and even bring people back from the dead. This type of technology is called a "med bed" because the photos and information coming out shows this being done on a flat bed surface with a clear plastic dome on top. Although this is all currently speculation and not absolutely verifiable there is a growing amount of evidence and information to show that this in fact may be true at some level. As the public hears more about this from various sources we look at "med bed" type technology products that are available now and providing a host of health benefits for users.

When it comes to med bed technology one of the first names to come up is Nikola Tesla whom many of the med bed related products are named after. Tesla worked on and produced many technology products using plasma. Plasma has been referred to as the fourth state of matter, the other three being solid, liquid and gas. Normally, the electrons in a solid, liquid, or gaseous sample of matter stay with the same atomic nucleus. it has been said that some of the med bed technologies used in the space age med beds are using "plasma" technology.

Tesla Plasma Chamber
One of the most popular "med bed" technology products on the market now is the "Tesla Plasma Chamber." Although not a full med bed you can lay down on, this med bed technology product can emit over 3,500 frequency codes which can target thousands of various health conditions using resonance light frequency. The light frequency codes match frequencies of various cells and organs in the body and thus can help energize, detoxify and eliminate mutated or unwanted cells.

The Tesla Plasma Chamber of Tesla Plasma Machine is a small generator with a glass tube and once the frequency code is punched in on the hand control the unit can emit the light resonance energy in 20 feet in all directions. This allows users the ability to lay down on a bed, couch or sit on a chair to absorb the light energy. The Tesla Plasma Chamber includes frequency codes for body, mind and spirit. Some of the most popular health requests would include cancer, dementia, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other health issues. Although there are no claims made on the success of the unit there are many people who have used these units and seen great benefit.

Many factors go into successful outcomes including diet and nutrition which is also many times overlooked. The Tesla Plasma Chambers use resources assembled by a person named Royal Rife who in the 1930's spent years indexing the frequency codes of cells by placing them under high power microscopes and figuring out what frequency they operated at. Rife went on to develop many prototypes and frequency devices using this information. Thus the ability to charge cells with electrical energy and help boost cells that are not operating at their optimum frequency rates is one of the many uses of Tesla Plasma Chamber. See the links below for more information and videos of this product.

Hospital Direct Medical is leading the industry in researching med beds and med bed technology products and will continue to provide updates and resources as these products become available.

More information on the Tesla Plasma Chamber and other technology products can be found on the links below.
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